Couple questions on preloading?

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    Hey guys, today was my first official day as a preloader. Everything went well, loving it so far. Just had a couple of questions I wanted to clarify.

    (1) I was told to put UPS next day air by the driver seat because they are time sensitive and most be delivered by 10:30 once the driver leaves the building. I noticed while preloading there are also next day air saver, 2nd day next day air. My question is do I also have to put those packages on the driver seat, or just the regular next day air packages?

    (2) Taped to the back of my trucks are two pieces of paper. One showing the layout of the packages on the shelves, and the other showing a couple of packages that must be left out of the truck and accounted for by your sup. I forgot what my sup told me so I just wanted to clarify, why do I have to keep these packages outside the truck to be collected by my sup?

    Thanks in advance guys, I tried checking the forum but didn't find any answers to these questions.
  2. Welcome to BC . Their are many preloaded on here that can answer your question.
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    Thanks, much appreciated.
    I also noticed some pal labels saying FL-4(which i believe means under shelf 4 on the floor, and also RDL and RDR. Do those means rear door left and rear door right?

    If so, is that left and light looking from inside the truck or looking from outside the back of the truck?
  4. RDL = rear door left. RDC = read door center and RDR = rear door right.
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    I got ya, and is that left and right from which point of view when looking at the rear doors?
  6. From behind
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    Thanks, Austin.
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    My loader usually puts all my next day air under a 125 pound bookshelf on the floor...savers and second day air go wherever they say they go they aren't quite as important and the time commitment is way later...unless it says 2nd air AM...treat that as a next day air
  10. Why do you old retired guys even post here?
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    Just to aggravate Dave.
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    It's very literal...rear door....where the packages go. Only regular next day air on seat, and anything else your supervisor want you to put there. If you get a next day air AM it goes on the seat also.
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    Could be high value packages that the sup has to audit to make sure they did not get lost.