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    Did you know that everyday low price, always in stock, Walmart takes coupons? They do and they take internet coupons. Here's a list of coupons available online right now.

    If the manufacturer wants to pay for some of the purchase price - LET THEM!

    Did you know that Target has their own coupons on their website that you can print from home or at the kiosks at customer service? You can even combine them with manufacturer coupons for greater savings!

    See the coupon for the $2 off Sutton and Dodge steak or roast - well it's $1.99/lb this week. That means with the coupon a 2 lb roast is 1/2 off.

    See the coupon for Mott's applesauce, combine the Target coupon with THIS mfr. coupon and save $1.55. The 6-packs are $1.64 where I live - that's $.09 for a 6 pk of applesauce!

    Sorry :D I just had to have one thread to share the good coupon deals.
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    Thanks MsPacMan, I love coupons.

    Have found some good deals on ebay for items I use lots of. Canned dog food buy one get one free. The seller had 30 of them for just a few bucks. Saved a ton of money there. Just be sure you have a, reputable seller and that the expiration date is good.
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    Awesome. I'm always up to save money. My kids eat me out of house and home. :wink2:
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    That is a good site, a little bit of everything. I'll have to look through it more tonight after work! I really love the $5 off 50, $3 off $15 type coupons combined with manufacturer coupons.

    Dillweed - I've never bought coupons from ebay or the coupon clipper sites but I've swapped quite a few times.

    A lady in Hawaii sent me 20 $1 off Coke 2 liter cpns (liquor tags - no liquor purchase required :D) and Family Dollar had Coke on sale for $1.09 plus they had an in store coupon for $5 off $25. I got 20 - 2 liters of Coke and a 6 pack of bounty paper towels for $3.21 (mostly bottle deposit)! I've been stocking up on pop for graduation.