Courier deal stalls on UPS

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    Courier deal stalls on UPS - New York Post

    United Parcel Service has hit a bump in the road as it tries to expand beyond package delivery.

    UPS recently came close to a deal to acquire Stamford, Conn.-based World Courier for $500 million before talks ended, sources told The Post.

    World Courier was reluctant to sell to UPS, perhaps because current management wanted to remain in charge, sources said.
  2. david cassin

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    fools if the mgmt hold share s in this day and age they would be worth a fortune,ups should up the ante in money terms as it would be a nice addition to the logistics part
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    Maybe they have seen what happens when a company goes public.
  4. david cassin

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    ha ha true for some companies,if i had known years back i would have bought ups shares.we were trying to get it set up in ireland that we could buy shares but some clown in mgmt in ups brussels as far as i know said we couldnt because of some legality,yet our german employees have been able to buy offence to any of our uk compatriots but the mgmt there obviously didnt want the irish to own a piece of ups ,even though it was started by mssrs casey family from cork and claude ryan from the west of ireland.some of our rulings come from the uk
    back to the above i think ups should go in with a highier offer.i thought we had that service within the ups supply chain service