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  1. fedexnyc

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    Hi everyone,just a quick question.Anyone here work as a courier in las vegas.??Have a chance to transfer there.Never been a courier,so wondering if anyone has any insight into what the station is like.(mangers,overtime,etc..).Thanks in advance..
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    Bet it all on black and roll the dice......the odds are in your favor.
  3. Express Courier

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    I know someone that transferred to LV and then came back after a few years. Said it got old pretty quick. I didn't dig much deeper than that though.
  4. fedexnyc

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    Thanks,it's not because i like to gamble or anything like that.Actually have lots of family that has been out there for over 30 years..Was just curious if i wanted to be a courier there.
  5. vantexan

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    I was a swing driver about 100 miles from Las Vegas awhile back. They were looking for volunteers on a regular basis to go there to help out as they were always shorthanded. If you want OT it would be a good place to be. I was also stationed there in the Air Force. Two things to consider: 115+ degree temps, sometimes over 120(dry heat, but still darn hot), and in March they get serious dust storms. Another thing to consider is Nevada has no inventory tax, which makes it warehouse central for the West Coast. Many routes deal with a lot of bulk for warehouses. That may have changed with the advent of Ground though.