Courier School?

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    I have a couple questions about courier school. There was one other thread on here that said it was 1-2 weeks. Anyone know? Also do you get to go to a different city or do you stay at your sta?

    And what do you learn there? Like, is it classroom stuff or defensive driving/on the road stuff? Both?

    How much more did you actually have to learn after courier school? Because I'm pretty sure you can't just be thrown out on the road after that and know what you're doing?

    The reason I ask is because a lady at agfs with me just transferred to being a courier and all she did was a day of training/defensive driving and she's already on the road with a courier. Is this because of peak and no time to train newbs?

    Thanks guys.
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    It used to be two weeks, but the last folks from our station went for one week last month. It can be at home station of out of town depending on size/location of station. when I started 4 yrs ago you went to defensive driving for 2 days followed by 3 day ride along w/ courier then on to courier school. This was at non-peak time of year.
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    Only do as much as you can don't try to be super courier you'll just crash. Don't rush, just think of them as non important boxes of popcorn. That's what fell out of a open prime box today a small bag of popcorn. :censored2:
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    I'm pretty sure they will just throw you out there. It will also be your fault they didn't train you correctly.
    I wouldn't be surprised if you don't even go to training till after peak. Just defensive driving and Presto! you're a courier now. Not trying to scare you.

    Only do as much as you can don't try to be super courier you'll just crash. Don't rush, just think of them as non important boxes of popcorn. That's what fell out of a open prime box today a small bag of popcorn. Sorry for double posting I'm trying to get used to this new system at BC.
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    We just had a newbie come back from courier school and they were there for one week. Used to be two weeks but that cost too much money. Our courier school is always at YYZHQ.
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    Seeing some of the new couriers entering our station, I wonder if they have courier class at all.
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    Courier School
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    Exactly. This is why it is crucial for new people to get "schooled" by experienced employees as to how FedEx really operates. They are being thrown to the dogs as fresh meat, and management would prefer that they not know it.
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    I started as a temp. Not sure why they picked me, but I went out on a truck as a second man with a courier. He taught me the ropes (POD, release, DEX, etc). While he covered 1 building, I covered another. After peak, they offered me the job and I went off to courier class. I fell asleep during one class and was almost thrown out, since I already leaned most of it. They used to send potential couriers on the road with someone all the time. Whether it was as a runner or 2nd man. Why they don't do that anymore is beyond me. Pay them for the time and THEN send them to school. It would save money in the long run. Some will quit right away. I heard 1 guy quit while on the road with a manager. He just said 'I'm not doing this crap', handed him his ID, hopped off the truck and got on the subway.
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    They still do. One local station sent 2 guys out with couriers less than two weeks ago. They are out of town this week and next at courier school. Defensive driving yesterday and today. Courier school all next week. They were told not to expect much courier work when they get back until peak is over. They will still be used a majority of time as handlers until the new year.

    The same station has upgraded 4 handlers over the past 6 months. They all went out with someone. It could just depend on the station. Is the management setting people up with a chance to succeed or fail.
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    Mine was two weeks and I went to class in May

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    Ahhhh. Courier School. They were the best time I had on FDX's dime. They sent us out of state and gave us money for hotel and meals. We basically had to learn how to use the Super Tracker (ha ha) and printer. Class included map reading and how to read Astra labels. The actual driver training came at the end of the class, in a special W700 that had seats and windows. You had to "narrate" as you drove (remember that?). The strange part about Courier school is I had 5 couriers from my station who attended the class and by the end of the year I has the only one who didn't quit or get fired. One guy came back from delivery at 7 pm smelling like a brewery. I swear we had to air his truck out the next day because he must've spilled beer on the floor...wheew it stunk!
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    All the new couriers around here depend on gps instead of map reading, so frustratiing. You tell them to meet you x and y street corner and they say that their gps system wont take that:angry:
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    LOL! I've been saying this for a while. Fedex's love affair will be its anchor not its engine.
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    Electronic devices used for this purpose are against company policy, but you are correct....almost all the newbies are on GPS with voice navigation. FedEx overlooks it, unless they're looking for a reason to fire you. Anyone who has ever used GPS is aware that it isn't 100% accurate. Sometimes in the PM, we have people who suddenly get "lost", which I am guessing is when the battery dies in their smartphone and they lose GPS.