Court reinstates ADA claims made by fired UPS worker


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Court reinstates ADA claims made by fired UPS worker - Business Insurance

A federal appeals court has reinstated Americans With Disabilities Act claims filed by a fired 25-year United Parcel Service Inc. worker against the company, concluding there was “substantial circumstantial evidence” and “suspicious timing” surrounding her termination.

Linda Rowlands was initially fired by a unit of Atlanta-based UPS in July 2012 for allegedly changing the time on her time card, according to Friday’s ruling by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago in Linda Rowlands v. United Parcel Service-Fort Wayne.

She was reinstated after she filed a union grievance and returned to work in September 2012, while still recovering from knee surgery. But her employee ID was never reactivated and “there were other signs that her days at UPS were numbered,” according to the ruling.


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