Court To Decide If EPA Violated International Nuremberg Code

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Lawsuit: EPA Conducted Gas Chamber-like Experiments on Elderly, Infirm at University of North Carolina
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    The Obama Administration will just cover it up.
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    True but if you read the court filing found here, the filing under "The Parties" section alleges in November 2006' and May 2007', Landon Huffman participated in human experimentation without receiving full disclosure that what he was exposed to, levels the EPA has classified as being lethal. If Obama as you say "covers it up" he's protecting the previous administration in the case of Huffman.
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    I think he will be more worried about the EPA getting bad press regardless of trying to blame another administration. Blaming the previous administration regarding the EPA will not help his reelection, so he will not be interested in that.
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    If you were fishing, I'd say you got the easy one, the fish that will bite at white bread or something shiny.

    Other than that, I'm expecting to see PrisonPlanet as your next source.

    JWR? Really?

    Is Mark Musser the Nazi guy? This guy? R Mark Musser - Author, Pastor

    Well done, Keith.
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    Glad you appreciate my efforts enough to also strike at the shiny. As to Prison Planet, stay tune, you know the old saying, "anything is possible!"

    Besides, when I post a link from, which I have done, you can comment on that too.