cover driver and vacation pay?

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  1. nuyorka

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    Hey everyone! Just a quick question I was wondering about. If I'm a cover driver and drive the days before my vacation should I get driver pay or preload pay? I know for holidays I do receive driver pay. Thanks! Jason
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    I believe (and I could be wrong) that since you are a reg temp (not cover) you are paid your preload pay. I'm not SURE because I went full time and never was a temp driver.
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    sucks but yea, it's your part time clasification rate. Not sure why it's different 4 holiday pay but I'm not saying anything bout that. Are you?
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    Will he get a part time vacation check or a full time vacation check? I make more per hour part time than the starting pay for drivers. If I go full time do I keep my current pay rate or go down to $16.85 or whatever the starting driver rate is?
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    I believe he gets part time pay AND part time hours. The first year of me being a full-time driver I didn't get any vacation OR sick days because, as it was explained to me, you earn your days off the year before you use them.
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    You must have 156 reports as a cover driver the previous year in order to get paid cover driver pay for your vacations at a part-time employee, otherwise it is just your preload pay.
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    If you worked 156 days (driving punches) the previous year, you get driver pay for your vacations and option days. You should be able to tell by the hours your vacation shows.. It is 45 hours a week for driver vacations... look on your pay stub
    Holidays you get paid Driver pay if you work every other day that week as a driver besides the holiday.