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    Hello everyone i was recently hired in package handling i wanted to know the averege time that i could expect to start cover driving! My good friend started in 1 1/2 years but i wanted some more input on this, I'm at a center in central fl.
    Thanks for any info!!
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    It is completely different in each building. All you can do is look at the last few new drivers in your building as a rough estimate to how much time it may take you to become a driver. I know of centers that are hiring off the street and centers that it takes more than 5 years to get a driving job.
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    Thanks Rodster
  4. Find out when you will be having drivers start to retire. Next through conversation find out how many package handlers want to go into driving; this will give you a better clue on where you stand in line for a steering wheel. Also don't get to discouraged if there is quite a few ahead of you, they may not have clean driving records!
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    7 years where i am
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    It's now 4-5 years where I'm at. Good luck with the driving.
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    Some of the less senior people here tell me they look for oppurtunities.... a senior driver walking out into traffic while they're driving by.

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    Friends don't let friends cover drive, esp in Central Florida. Too hot, get a job in the A/C :)