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  1. gostillerz

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    I was hired as a preloader 2 years ago. Now, I'm a cover driver with 2 or 3 days left to qualify and was told I had to transfer to local sort before last peak so I could drive. I'm lucky if I work on Wednesdays, and never work reload. I have to call at 7am each day to see if I'm needed, then call back at 5pm to see if I have to work local sort.

    I obviously can't get another job while I'm doing this on-call crap everyday, but I can't live off of $150 or $0 per week either. Could I be eligible for unemployment or at least go back to preload until I get enough seniority?

    I'm in PA if that helps. Thanks everyone.
  2. CFLBrown

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    With 2 years, why are not working the reload then? Are they laying people off ahead of you?

    I'd investigate that a bit further.
  3. TheKid

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    Having you call in is wrong....they need to either work you or lay you off. That "give me a call in the morning" is BS.
  4. gostillerz

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    I'm in a center that does about 30 routes. When I was on preload, I was about in the middle for seniority, for local sort we only need 3 guys, and have 10 cover drivers who have less seniority so we're all screwed. The center manager's original plan was to to have me load in the am, then do a half route if they needed it or run misloads...junk like that since they knew we don't have enough volume.

    I don't know if I can do anything about this, but I'm not going to quit either. I'm mostly worried if I make a fuss over this, They'll find a way to DQ me.
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    In PA you usually qualify for unemployment if you have a reduction in hours. We had a local sorter a few years back that had another job. He had to quit that job to be a cover driver, and he got unemployment, so you should too. File the claim, it's free!, and the worst that can happen is for some reason they deny it.

    SWORDFISH New Member

    So wich is your shift AM or PM? What do you mean be having a few days left before you qualify to drive? The terms you use seem to mean different things than how we mean them. Your only required to call in on the shift that your on. So you shouldnt be calling in 2 times a day. You need to get aquainted w/ your shop steward and have him help you get these situations ironed out. Sounds like they are taking advantage of you.
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    He is a casual. We have all been casuals and have all been through the "give me a call in the morning" routine. They don't want to lay him off as they would then have to pay him unemployment. He needs to find a side job that is flexible enough to know that UPS comes first. When I was a casual I worked for an auto parts store making deliveries. The boss knew my situation and was OK with it. I would simply call him if I was going to work at UPS. If I didn't call he knew that I would be working for him.

    A great side job would be catching on with a landscaping company, hopefully one that pays under the table.
  8. govols019

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    I never went through that "give me a call in the morning" routine and I was a part time cover driver for almost 8 years. I was either working or I wasn't. Period.
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    Right now, I don't even know what my shift is. I'll try to make this short. I was hired for preload and did that for 1.5 years. Last summer, I was able to sign the bid sheet for a reg temp/cover driver. The center manager's plan was to have me stay on preload, then do a half route when it was needed. Right before peak, he had me and 2 other guys transfer to reload/local sort so we'd be available for full routes. I'm at 28 driving days, so I'm not qualified/hit seniority yet. I'm on the reload list right now, and I'm told to call at 7am for driving, then at 5pm for local sort. This month, I've worked 2 days.

    I just found out that they called me at 3pm today to do a pickup at 3:45, then work local sort. And I was approved for unemployment btw.

    What shift am I on? Am I on local sort?, am I a cover driver? I'm also still on the preload list. I think they see me as Mojo the helper monkey from that Simpsons episode. Nobody at my center supposedly knows what's going on, and I have no clue, but I'm not going to sit by the phone 12 hours a day.

    SWORDFISH New Member

    Did you go to driving school?
  11. gostillerz

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    Yeah, last September.

    SWORDFISH New Member

    So if you have started your probation period your now a driver. You should be on layoff until they need you to drive unles you dont make it then you go back to p/t. You dont have to be available for p/t as well as driving. When I was in my probation period for driving I didnt work. I didnt have to call in for my old p/t shift anymore. You really need to get in touch w/ your local union and make sure its the same for your area as mine. We are on oposite sides of the US and it could be different. Good luck.