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    So I am a little frustrated here. A little about me I am 23 been working for ups since I was 17. Been a good worker done pretty much everything from being a shifter to a loader and everything in between. So in September i went to the driving school and passed came back the next week and started to drive. Well i got an extension before peak season, pretty common in our building. After that they would never give me the 30 in 90. So I what do they want me to do wait around forever for the possibility of being qualified who knows when.I have a degree in criminal justice so i applied for a job as police officer. I had to put a sup down for my background investigation portion which i passed. So they found out around a month ago about me seeking employment as a police officer. Now they refuse to qualify or to let me drive i am not disqualified I am just there pretty much. I don't know I just think it is absurd that they are holding that against me.
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    If they are driving other cover drivers under you...file file file. If they just aren't getting to you there's not much you can do.
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    Hello. Yes, you will have to wait until it is your turn. If that takes 7, 10 or 15 years, you will wait. Seniority is what you have working for you. Sign all the bid lists and keep an eye on the new hires. Find out where the company is on the "off the street" ratio and make sure they stick to the contract.

    The company can't simply not allow you to qualify. If you have the seniority, and someone less senior than you is allowed to qualify before you, you will need to file a grievance and make sure that you don't get passed up

    You will eventually go full-time but can you wait?

    I tell the part-timers in my area the simple truth. If you see yourself making the type of money we make, with the benefits we have, then quit. If not, wait.

    I waited for 7 years bouncing around doing everything there was to do. Just like you, I was very frustrated. I finally got my full-time seniority and the rest is history.

    I am glad I waited.

    ​I wish you the best.
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    Late reply but they they let 2 people qualify that have a lot less seniority and went to school after me. But my BA doesn't see a problem with that so I dont know.
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    Read the contract and your supplement, file your grievance using the correct articles and turn it in. For remedy I would say pay for all days a jr employee worked and for the days to be counted towards you 30 days. Unless of course you turned down any days and they got their days in on the days you couldn't or wouldn't work.
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    Depends if they have multiple centers in the least in my area. In my building you can't cross centers in your training period so if you got put in a center that lays you off all the time and someone with less seniority than you gets put into a center that works them, you're stuck. No recourse, it's been tried.
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    Become a police officer and harass and intimidate them by ticketing the hell out of them. Just saying.