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    If your cover driving out of a different center than your own, your entitled to milage pay plus the time it takes to get to and from your "home" center right? Does not matter if your scheduled or not I believe.
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    NOT? It happened before, but now mgt is trying to not pay it.
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    You now work at the other building that is your place of work that is your building. IF you where a cover driver in the building close to you and they called you and told you they need you to drive at another center today then you would be entitle to get paid for your travel time but not mileage because in that case you have the option to take a UPS car to the other center.

    Example 1.

    The building I started driving in is 2 miles from my house. Last bid I got bump to another building 54 miles away that building now my place of work. I don't get paid to drive there I either drive there on my own or don't have a job.

    Example 2.

    Before i got bump a couple of times I showed up to work and was told that was needed at the building 54 miles away today. Then I got paided for time to and from for that day. I also have my choice of taking and package car or my vehicle. If I take my vehicle I still get paid for time to and from but I don't get paid for mileage because that is my choices.
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    upsguy, if there were no PC's available, would they have then paid you mileage for driving your own vehicle?
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    Yes but again only for that day. If I was told on that day that I was needed at the other building all week then I wouldn't get paid for time or mileage for the rest of the week.
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    Thats wrong upsguy. I have been loaned out before and recieved time paid for travel and miles (miles are the IRS rate whatever that is per contract). If you take a company vehicle then no miles paid but time is. I just wanted to see where it is in the contract.
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    If you could answer your own question than why did you ask??

    But it appears that you aren't getting paid for that time anymore. Which means that when you where getting paid for that time before it was by mistake. It appears that someone in the HR/ payroll department has the same interpretation of the rules as I do.

    " (miles are the IRS rate whatever that is per contract)" What is it IRS rate or contract rate ?? can't be both. Anyways the IRS rate is for getting a TAX deduction not for getting paid. If you get paid for those mile and time you can't file for a tax deduction for those miles.
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    If you are told before that day you're going to work @ another center. You can leave from your home to that center on that day, but you're getting paid for mileage from your center to that center both ways or round trip. Only time they will paid you both time and mileage, when you go into work and they told you @ that time and you will be using your own vehicle.
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    It appears Section 11 of the Southwest Package Rider awards travel time (and mileage @ the IRS rate if a company vehicle is not available) pay for UTILITY drivers.
    It does appear to matter if the assignment is scheduled in advance.
    I don't see any mention of it in Section 38-COVER Drivers.

    If you have your records of when you were paid this as a cover driver before (and under the same circumstances), and can get the records of other cover drivers paid in a like manner in the past, you might be able to establish a past practice.

    Caution: I don't have an actual copy of your contract, supplement, or rider; nor do I portend to be knowledgeable on what is already established past practice in your Local's jurisdiction. I've based my reply on what I've found online. But hopefully you now have a starting point for discussion of this issue with your steward or BA, and management. Please let us know how this turns out.
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    Anyone who has punched in, is on duty. If you are directed to travel to another Center to work for the day, and you take your personal vehicle, you should get paid for mileage. Submit a voucher, or turn in a fuel receipt, or use a UPS fuel card, or gas up at the UPS pumps, or whatever is agreed upon..

    You should be traveling in a UPS vehicle if possible, but if you pass up an available UPS vehicle and use your own vehicle by your choice, UPS is still ratifying that choice. They must allow it. Ultimately, it's their decision.

    Just for reference, here's what the National Master says about a somewhat similar situation . . .

    Section 1 - Air Drivers
    (i) Personal Vehicles
    Air Exception drivers will use the Employer’s vehicles whenever possible. Air Exception drivers who would happen to use their personal automobiles shall be reimbursed at the IRS limit applicable per mile for all miles driven to perform the air driving work in addition to their air driver wages. When an employee uses his/her own vehicle in the service of the Employer and is involved in an accident, the Employer shall be responsible for the damages to both the employee’s vehicle and to the other person’s vehicle and/or property, and will provide liability insurance coverage.