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    I'm being interviewed for a cover driver posistion at the Burtonsville MD hub tomorrow, with hopes of eventually becoming a FT driver. The HR person told me the turnaround time from PT to FT is "about 6 months". Is that anywhere near being true? From everything I've read on here, and heard from other people, that seems quite unrealistic. On another note, am I likely to rake in 35-40K as a cover driver? I can get by on that, but I can't really afford to rake in a whole lot less. Thanks.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The turnaround time does seem unrealistic but your projected earnings appear to be accurate.
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    You people ask dumb questions you act like thers no one in your building to ask get real. resign now. stay on the belt were you belong 8 50 an hour.
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    Burtonsville is one of the biggest hubs on the east coast. I would imagine if you are going to cover now it is as a regular temporary employee. That means you earn pay progression but will go back to PT after Christmas. I "temp'ed" for 7 yrs and made good money from June thru Christmas then went right back to part time hrs and wages the other six months, but on the bright side, when I finally made full time I had already been at top pay two yrs back. It's worth doing if you can, like I said, its all earning progression especially now since we gave the company another 6 months and it takes 3 YEARS to hit top pay!!!
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    Metro DC district has hired drivers off the street in the past. I'm surprised you would be hired to cover driver off the street. As such you would work as a cover driver then go back to what P/T operation when no longer covering?
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    Rocket man, thanks for the insight. You're a real benefit to have.

    Yes, it sounds like they want me to work cover for the peak months. Then, after Dec. 31st, they decide if they want to keep me around. At that point I guess I would work part time in presort, and occasionally drive. I'm in a situation where I'd like to get my foot in the door, but I can't afford to take a huge pay cut from where I am now. The 6 month turnaround just sounded like she was blowing smoke. I'd hate to put all my eggs in this basket, expect to go full time after 6 months, and end up waiting for years and years
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    Disclaimer: Past performance does not indicate future results. With that said the district you're being hired into has had a lot of problems getting enough part timers out of the burmd hub in the past to fill all the driving jobs. The washinton DC building went through an incredible shortage a couple years ago of as many as 100 drivers. I think age, driving record and the physical nature of the job weeded out many possible candidates. Someone in that district can probably shed some light on the subject but I don't think that district has summer casual language in their contract. Therefore I believe you would earn your thirty days seniority as a temp coverage driver. If so they would not be able to dump you at the end of the year and would have to offer you the chance to bump someone in a part time job in that building.( I'm speculating here on how this works since I've never seen reg temps hired off the street) With your experience you could then work the part time job, saturday air delivery and supplement for a short time until you get your permanent position. If you want a job paying 28 an hour with full beni's then the gamble might be worth it. Past history for what its worth tells me the opportunity could very well be there.

    P.S. change the name. Postal is the other guys...:)
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    I'll change the name if I end up going brown. Currently I am the other guy. USPS is getting more and more :censored2: up, which is why I'm trying to get out!
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    Another well thought out Rocket Man reply. What an idiot!
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    OK, so the interview went well. I filled out all of the paper work/computer stuff. What I was told today was that I would drive PT for 6 months (earning 17.29), and then after Dec. 31st I would be full time cover, and guaranteed 40 hours a week IF they decide to keep me around. At that time I would also start the FT driver pay progression. This doesn't sound like anything I've ever read about on here. Has anybody else heard of this path at UPS?
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    that sounds like it could be right.

    but after dec. 31st and you start pay progression you will be bumped down to about 15.75