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    I don't know if anyone else noticed but for many reasons the NYSE and many other traders have just changed their outlook on UPS. Cramer, host of the tv trading show "Mad Money" has changed his outlook on big brown effective last night. He changed from bearish to bullish due to drop in oil prices over the last two weeks. UPS projections are based on $149 dollar a barrel crude, and $4.50 gas. With both of these on the fall that means more money than expected for UPS bottom line. You can check out his site.. It also talks about deals made with teamsters (assuming international since we all know about the speculation in Chicago right now), and it also refers to a 7.5 billion dollar stock buy back plan. UPSer owning stock may start to get their lost fortunes back over the next few months if all goes well. Good luck to all, and to all a good day!!!!:happy2:
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    It's taken Cramer forever to turn around. His darling has been FDX. Good to see he's thinking more clearly now.
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    The stock hit rock bottom at $58. It can only go up from there so the analysts rate it a buy.