Craziest firing you've seen at UPS?

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    Over the years that I worked I saw people get fired for some of the weirdest things. I've seen management have it out for people that they would fire the person for as little as improper break time. Some of the drivers I worked with did some pretty outrageous things to get themselves fired. I had seen many come and go through my time at UPS. I was wondering what is/was the craziest reason you've seen for a person to get the ax?

    Management had it out for a driver in my center so much because of his constant over allowed time. This driver would do anything to make it difficult for management. Even the shop steward felt he was constantly going overboard to make life difficult for himself. Unkempt hair; uniform dirty; shoes not shined. You name it, he did it to call attention to himself. He even made a website with our locals number for people to vent. Our local tried in vane to get him to take the website down, but he just kept on keeping on.

    He transferred to clerk and switched buildings. Now, when you are a clerk you are not supposed to wear your uniform. It's really different for every person. While I was a clerk, I could get away with just wearing the drivers shirt and this bothered my Union brother. So he started to wear the whole driver's uniform. By this time even the new building that he transferred to got wind of his shenanigans. He just made it very difficult for all of us.

    So one day management told him that he should've turned in his uniform as soon as he got off the road. They told him the next day they wanted him to turn in all his uniforms. The next day came, and of course he forgot to haul them in from his car. Knowing that he would get in trouble, he dropped what he was doing and went out to his car and brought them in. I tried telling him it wasn't anytime close to break time but he of course he didn't listen. Management wanted to fire this man so much he was written up one time for taking a UPS pen through the guard shack and he had said to me that the next time he went up in front of a mediator that he was told he'd be gone.

    So yeah, you guessed it. He was written up for taking an unauthorized break and he ended up losing his job. Our old Supervisor hated him so much he even attended to give his $0.02. 18 years down the drain.

    Nobody else was asked to turn in their uniforms when they became clerk. But I for sure didn't wear my UPS shirt anymore! Just to lighten up the mood around here for a bit, I thought maybe some of you could share some of your experiences. I've seen many more through my time get fired for stupid crap but this one just stood out in my mind. I could go on and on but I've put too many letters in this post. Sorry for the long post...
  2. Last season Driver Helper got Fired for Altering her Uniform. She also had to pay for a new Uniform.

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    She can handle my package any day. Dayyyyyummm.

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    I think I may have identified a new premium service level that has a lot of profit potential.
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    fred smith hired her the next day. no wonder we are losing volume.
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    This is what happens to UPS kids who's daddies miss their school play one to many times. Seriously guys, this girl isn't even legal.
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    My good friend at the time, who pretty much got me the job got fired for stealing pizza from the cafeteria. I had no idea he acted this way. Apparently that wasn't the first time he did that. I heard he stole numerous times. Needless to
    Say he was a jerk , thief , and a big backstabber. I'm thankful I met him because of ups but I'm glad I haven't seen him in 12 years and hopefully I won't ever see him again......that big jerk!
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    I only think its crazy on the employees side. Who would risk stealing a $3 pizza for all the benefits that one has. He was stupid..plain and simple.
  9. If she old enough to work for UPS she's definitely legal.
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    You've only worked at UPS for a couple months and you already know who got fired for what? Impressive.
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    No she is not. Some UPS Pedophile paid her to put on that outfit.
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    It's not necessarily about who got fired for what...

    It's more about who got fired for the most aggregious thing, AND GOT THEIR JOB BACK.

    Hell, there's one person in our center that's gotten at least 10 term. letters that I know of...
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    Not long ago, a PTer reported being terminated after mooning his supervisor & being caught by the center manager. He later claimed to get his job back. But then, in a very similar posting, he claimed to have taken a dump into his ballot envelope & was worried about the repercussions of being caught. Obviously a BSer.
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    A driver told me once, wayyyyyyy back before the diad wad even a thought, during peak season, if a driver was just fed up with the job he would come in ad usual in the morning, leave the building, drive to the nearest strip mall, ditch the truck, not one package being delivered, and just go home. By the time the Center caught wind (however they did that), on roads and sups had to go hunting for the abandoned truck. Funniest thing I ever heard.
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    I heard this happened in my facility, and drivers that came over after their facilities were consolidated into ours told us the same thing happened in theirs.

    ​I think it's a UPS urban legend.
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    No it's not .
    I knew several who did just that.
    The way they found out is the PC never came back , the local police are notified of a possible hijacking and someone was always sent to the drivers home .
    WatMa had a break in during one Sat X-Mas , the crook(s) broke into several feeders full of yule gifts , piled it all into a PC , and plowed thru the front gate waking up the sleeping guard .
    It was days until that PC was found , in a public housing project several miles away .
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    ...I bet that was the BEST Christmas that project had in years lol

    Yeah, I went there.

    We had a few do this, also. Center was notified when pickups were being missed, found package car abandoned, with a big FU.
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    If u think that girl worked for ups your nuts. Not to mention that shirt is at least 10 years old and its an obvious photo shoot.
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    Two in our building that I remember: Driver was about fed up and that morning was the last straw. Driver drove all the way out to her delivery area (which was was about 50 miles or so,) stopped at a donut shop, called a friend for a ride home, ordered a cup of coffee while waiting for her ride, and tossed the keys to the donut guy. When her ride arrived, she called her center manager to tell him where he could find his package car! Man, was he steamed! We all got a good laugh out of that one, WAY TO GO WENDI!

    The other story: driver took the package car out of the building, parked around the side of the building got in his car and went home :happy-very:. No one knew until the center started receiving calls from his pick up accounts by late in the afternoon.
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