Critics track UPS' lobbyists, contributions

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    Lobbying pays off for UPS on DHL deal - Columbus Dispatch

    Powerful political leaders are trying to block United Parcel Service from providing air cargo services for its rival DHL.

    These opponents, who fear the loss of jobs and competition, have spurred two congressional hearings and secured the support of both presidential candidates.

    Still, the UPS-DHL agreement, announced in May, remains on track to close this year. Atlanta-based UPS' giant's deftness at deflecting criticism highlights its clout on Capitol Hill, where it has long-standing relationships.
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    off topic a bit:
    who will be handling the sorting & @ which facilities;UPS or DHL?
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    UPS will simply be transporting DHL air cans, which will be brought to the airport by DHL employees and then recovered at the destination by DHL employees. We will not be handling DHL packages!!!
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    Thanks , for the clarification....