Crooks Where Suits

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by hyena, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Hey guys whats up? its been a while since you heard from me for a couple of reasons which I wont get into here. I figured I would share a story with you. Some of you may remember I was waiting for a couple of grievances to be heard. And I know some of you didnt like my oppinions toward some members of management. Well I would like to share a little story with you maybe open your eyes a little, When the hearing finally came it was delayed for a long time.( They were trying to come up with something on me). Which they werent able to do! So what was their next step LIE! One of the cardnial sins here at UPS. They decided to make up a story about me harrassing other employees (since i filed a article 37) They accused me of being violent toward employees but yet didnt fire, me go figure another cardinal sin. Yet im still working here and have never had a writeup! What really killed me was morals maybe some of the higher up people have lost them on their way to the top. And thats pretty scary people with that much power over other people have to resort to lies and scare tactics because they dont like an employee. Let me explain when I say they, "a group of corportate thugs" for its not all my managers I get along with others great, but its the ones that hold the power. Just something for some of you to think about. Its me today you tomorrow kinda thing
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    We missed you like a rabid dog in heat. :peaceful: Simile Face

    Hot fun in the summertime
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    Thanx bro! I missed you guys to ahh! lol Looking on the bright side of things summers almost here and theirs a certain Sublime song that comes to mind, Summer time livins easy....
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    The only crooks i've ever seen wear brown.
  5. 705red

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    You might be interested in using your free vision plan that you are provided! because its obvious that you are blind as a bat!
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    :rolleyes2: Crooks Where Suits :rolleyes2:


    In computing, a spell checker is an applications program that flags words in a document that may not be spelled correctly.
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    Thank you
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    Cut him some slack
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    Unfortunately, spell checks don't check for contextual or grmmatical errors. His message came through despite the "errors" and you came off as a nit picking person with nothing better to do than criticize others for trivial mistakes.
  10. 1989

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    I can see my paycheck just fine. Do you realize what they pay me, and what little I have to do for it?
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    LOL 1989:peaceful:
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    Nice Red! You beat me to it.
  13. hyena

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    You know its so stupid that some of you have nothing better to do then to complain about peoples spelling I dont care as long as the point is there
  14. 705red

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    Are you speaking of when you are on the truck or alone in the boss's office?
    We as drivers earn every penny that we make! This job is not fro everyone and it is a hard job,period!

    I have been reading your posts for some time now. You have claimed to be a swing driver through several different states! You have run several hundred routes blind. You also want out of the union because you had a bad day!

    I believe that you are nothing more than a troll! NO package car driver would ever say he/she is over paid!
  15. 1989

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    We got a new center manager in November...She doesn't know who I am...So I haven't been in the office for at least 3 months.

    I have only driven in 2 states. In 4 buildings. Have only done about 150 routes, not all blind. If the union can't protect the job of a 15 year member and allow a 3 year member to work, why should I continue to put money into it? It's that simple. Besides laid off members should get a withdrawal from the union.

    As far as being a troll, I am pretty damn ugly so you maybe right there. I have been saying I was overpaid since I became fullscale in 1998. I have never or will never be a victim at UPS. I can leave at anytime.
  16. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    So now its the unions fault because you did not read that great contract that you brag about to see if you would lose your seniority while moving through 4 buildings covering 2 states!

    Try reading your contract!
  17. 1989

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    My first 10 years driving I was paid out of one center and borrowed to two other buildings (about 7 different centers).

    Oh, I read it and knew the language. But was gauranteed by the local that a long term layoff would never happen. The seniority language was not what the company wanted, but what the union wanted.
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    Will you tell us how to ".....leave at anytime." and still get our full pension?

    Some of us would really like to know.

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    The management I know now wears golf shirts. Meanwhile one of our BA's always wears a suit.:happy-very:
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    But his title has "business" in it. So it's fitted... fitting...:funny: