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    So I am at my 17th year at ups and am currently a part time bid air driver in the central states. My dilemma is that this year I have the most seniority and would be eligible for the next full time driver position. as i understand it I am currently under the ups pension plan, and if i went full time i would change to a teamster plan. My plan was to stay part time and have my 35 years in at age 59. Any one here close to part time retirement, and if so what will be there monthly pension.
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    Check with hr at your area. Probably 1500 pm for 30 yr pt.
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    Unless I'm mistaken you would go into the UPS/IBT Pension Plan. Call the
    union hall and ask your ba or talk to the steward at work.
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    Isn't there a retirement benefit estimator on the UPS website?
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    The "UPS PENSION PLAN" [for Central States part-timers] is a lousy plan. To make matters worse, since you are a part-timer, your future pension benefit will be only half what you could get in a comparable full-timer lousy plan. The "UPS PENSION PLAN" is described in Article 34, Section 1, (i).

    The "UPS/IBT FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE PENSION PLAN" [for Central States full-timers] is described in Article 34, Section 1, (L). The website is . . .
    UPS/IBT Full-Time Employee Pension Plan - Home
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    Central States never really took care of their pension plan. One guy I worked with was a full time driver for 30 years (carwasher and porter before that) and he is getting about $1500 a month after a total of 35 years. Now that's sad. And people complain about Wall Street?
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    I don't believe that.
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    Exit stage left.
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    No man is blinder than he who won't see. Believe it. CS are a crooked bunch of carpetbaggers.
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    govols019 You smell that? wrote it on the must be true.
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    What year did they retire?
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    You should always contact a plan administrator for details. That said I am pretty sure that going full time will start you anew in the UPS-Teamster full time pension plan and your years of service as part time will stop. You will still be able to draw whatever part time pension you have earned to this point as well as whatever full time pension you would be entitled to when you retire. You should find out how much you will lose if your acrual ends now as part time as compared to what it would be if you went to your full planned part time retirement. Then find out what your full time pension would be if you started now and retired when you plan to. I am guessing you would make more going to full time. Also take into account the additional income you would be making as full time.
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    How long ago did he retire? I retired last year under the ibt/ups (old central states) 32+ full time, 4 part time (started at 18) and draw around $3,400 a month . Starting at 18 a person doesn't get credit for retirement at the start according to some gov law!!!
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    Not Government Law. UPS Law.

    UPS controls the UPS Pension Plan [for part-time Central Staters] so they make the rules. Originally you had to be age 25. The Union got that lowered to age 21 a while back.
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    Even at that I have friends that have retired from Teaching,Honda and the postal service and we have them all beat hands down in pay and benefits.Do we earn the,you bet your a_s we do and I'm proud to say that I'm a retired from UPS.:thumbup1:
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    Part-Time 35 years at age 59 = $1925

    If you go FT, you will be in the UPS/IBT Plan which may or may not change in the 2013 contract.

    WARNING - If you go FT, do NOT expect to receive very much from the part-time portion of your pension when you retire. It will be calculated as though you left the plan under "Early Retirement". With only 17 years part-time, the part-time portion of your pension MAY be able to buy you groceries for a week, if you are only buying for yourself.

    BTW - I would not feel too comfortable with your PT air bid driver job. Every PT air bid driver in our building lost their position as the company determined it was more efficient to have the regular drivers do the air work.
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    after retirement why cant we us the UPSers discount program when retired u tend to need the discounts alittle more with a fixed income. can we or create a link from this site or can the company create a dicounts retirement link
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    Usually when a person says they are on a "fixed income" I picture an elderly person debating whether to eat, pay the bills or turn the heat on. You are a retiree with an above average pension and benefits. The discounts are for active employees only. Use your AARP card if you want a discount.
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    Some people will find out the lawn is actually the same on the other side of the fence and not greener.

    Fixed income means just that --no extra overtime when unexpected repair bills pop up, no yearly raises in your income as gas prices skyrocket pulling all food and basic clothing and living expenses with it. Obama still pushing for cap and trade which will double your electric bills , the crushing debt which will eventually kill the dollar and cause record setting inflation. On a "fixed income" as a Senior -you are then screwed because you do not have work years left trying to recover.

    Seniors have been sold out by AARP and many realize that they supported Obama care to sell Medicare supplements at huge premiums to seniors as Obama continues to strip away Billions from Medicare to support a health system for illegals and for people who have only "worked" the system their whole lives. The union and UPS will drop you like a hot potato when you hit 65.

    When you Finally retire after decades of long hard work --you will finally realize that for contributing to society and paying more than your fair share --you should get every break or discount that exists ---unfortunately you will find out -you do not.

    Even your pension and social security will continue to be taxed --after all you worked hard to get them --why not continue to take take from you to support the TAKERS. Drop out of school,pass up a "free education", father many children out of wedlock that you will support, get hooked on alcohol or drugs and blame everyone but themselves for their failures. While they continue to get housing support, food stamps, free cell phones, heating assistance etc,etc, etc.

    For you to make a statement that the UPS discounts should apply to only "working" UPSers is a laugh. Wait until your are standing on the other side of the fence !! Retired UPS People have done their fair share and more. No skin off UPS or the participating dealors to include retirees-----we are not aliens or illegals --wait if I was illegal I get everything for free any way !! Very sad and tragic direction the country is heading in . Screw the Retired Seniors ----grow the ranks of the "I won't do that job" people the takers.

    Sorry Upstate your attitude toward retirees seems to reflect that now that we are old --we are somehow less than you. Very sad. Someday in the near future we will welcome YOU !!
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    Fixed income to me means not much earning power now. You can still make some bucks trading on the stock market, but you can lose too.

    I always found most of the UPS discounts not to be discounts at all. Always steering us towards Liberty mutual......I blew Liberty's quotes out of the water just by making a few phone calls of my own.

    I cut up my AARP card a few years ago when they sold us out!! Anything that comes in the mail from AARP goes in the trash immediately.

    AARP's gonna get me 10% off my hotel room ??? Well I can get it for free in Vegas and I get kama'aina rates in Hawaii, so AARP can go to hell!!