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    Hey CS UPS ers, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might be seeing too much into this. Please follow the Journey. Not to give you false hopes. UPS does look at this site. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart truely is breaking. Jim Casey is looking down at his great company and a possible smile is breaking on his face. I have a gut feeling something good is going to happen on your behalf. I pray to the God almighty I am not wrong in my optomism.

    Ok, here it goes. I brought up the Threads and posts. Go to thread "Is Central States Pension Fund ready to go Under." by eng 79. Than Read permalinks post #360 and #361. Than after you read that go to Thread "Think it Thru ......... Pension take over." by Brown Dog. and read permalink #27. I might have a mental illness, LOL, I think Im nuts. I m Happy. Is UPS really watching this site. It sure does look like it. Call me what you want. The light at the end of the tunnel might not be a train.
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    Originally Posted by area43
    This is my advice to the APWA. First, I believe that you would have alot more broad range of support nationally if you focused more on putting the weekly UPS contributions into a seperate account, strickly with that employee s name on it. So simple, huh. That account could be the 401k, Roth IRA or just a plan IRA. APWA supporters I honestly feel your pain and I dont say that lightly. If I was in your shoes, and again I said this before I would be extremely :censored2: to put it lightly. I have almost 20 years and all of it has been in a pkg car(also 2 1/2 yrs pt loader), no offense to the feeders, but to be honest to go 25 or 30 years in a pkg car is saying alot. I thought about feeders but it just dosen't interest me as of yet. We had one driver retired sometime ago, drove the downtown route for 25 years. Wow, that guy was totally messed up physically. I truly felt sorry for him. Anyhow, I got the run after him and left to another after 3 yrs. Im tuff, folks LOL So that goes to show how tuff that run was. OOps Rabbit trail.

    OK, The pension mess at CS. Folks I believe we have to go back to the basics so to speak. I know you all have heard of this before, their are only two things for sure in life death and tax's. Keep that in mind as I proceed. First, I feel that some think, My opinion of course that somehow we are intitled to a pension. Yes, I can hear the cries now. Don't base everything on the notion that UPS(who is the anchor in the CS plan) will always be in business(I hear more yells) or remain healthy. Remember the big negatives. Possible National Class action lawsuit on the lunch issue which could send stock prices and profit margins crashing to the floor, pending contract negotiations and pressing competition. Especially with todays world climate things don't look to cherrie. Terrorism, can totaly devastate an economy as we can see by 9/11. Gas prices are thru the roof. Just to name a couple. I don't want to sound dome and gloom folks, but lets be honest. I here from so many of you on this board that the way UPS is managing the centers, were on the sure road to destruction. Ok, keep that in mind.

    The CS plan is not run by the federal government, but it might just end up that way. Wall Street is taking a BEATING. Take a look at your 401k's and yes it's my money to lose. Unlike Social Security which is run by the government and they can just raise tax's or print more money hehe to take care of any short comings they have. CS is not blessed to have that option CS is like social security(short falls) in some respects.

    Ok, reread what I just wrote. Folks the CS plan is in a CRISIS. I believe UPS is liable to pay at least half of what the asking buy out is. Why? I might be wrong but is the pension jointly ran. Maybe it differs from fund to fund. Just so many of those darn things. Confusing at times. Kind of like the tax code. So the blame for its failure can be shared. I believe I might be wrong on this(the sharing part) due to the fact in Va Joint council 83 runs our pension and health care with no company involvement.

    This is what needs to be done. Again, Crisis mode. Money that is now in the fund should be pulled out and each UPS employee should be given his fair share,plus maybe a 4% to 6% on top of that for interest per say deposited in a personal fund or account of his choice. This would be based on years of service and contributions made on his behalf by the company(UPS). What's fair is fair folks. Remember, Crisis and world climate uncertiany and you just might not live past tomorrow. Now! Cut out the middle man. The weekly UPS pension checks will start pouring in now combined with lets say your 401k you should have a healthy nest egg with in no time, even if you go with a very conservative investing plan. Excited!! yet. Folks the more hands the pension money passes through the less your going to get. Don't even trust the APWA, when ever there's a human element involved the chance for corruption exist(ex. crazy admin fees 65 million would be terminated). The best one to trust your money with is YOU. ( : This option is surely better than what you have now. Just think, most of us don't even consider us to get no social security(which is supposed to be a sure thing u know taxed funded and all) when we retire. Don't you wish the government would let us control or own retirement and let us just keep those so called tax S.S. donations to ourselves. I feel the CS plan is in the same boat. Power grab over the little guy. Isn't the Teamsters all about giving power back to the little guy, the common laborer. The Teamsters in my opinion is acting like a BIG Corporate GREEDY Giant. Sorry folks I might be over my word limit on post. I will proceed to the next post.
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    Ok let me address the retire's that are in the CS plan. Remember folks, CRISIS. Please go to the history of my post and do a little research and find the post that has some of my input on the retire's. Hint its in one of the 3 CS pensions threads that are running now and no its not in the Jonfrum thread.

    Teamsters, Oh those Teamster. I love em but their accounting practices and making promises they know they cannot keep leaves me to wonder. Promises, What I mean here is that they have made promises, basically to give everyone, UPS and non UPS retire's a retirement check to the day you die. Side not , People are living a hell of a lot longer. Wow, Folks they were smart and they got us into believing it. Ok, Retire's its time to face the music. Remember, CRISIS everyone has to do their part and help out this sinking CS titanic(Jon made a similar analogy). Again, Teamsters broken promises. Why should just the(present) working man have to suffer with the thought of possibly getting nothing and your still getting a check. Don't get me wrong, your are in titled to some, but not to the extent the Teamsters had originally promised you. Reality Check. Do the math, add the years of service that they the company you worked for made contribitions on your behalf and add roughly 4 to 6 % Remember most of the companies you worked for have gone out of business.

    Some or most of the basically 200,000 retire's I believe in The CS plan have never worked for UPS. Yes, its an MEP(MEP are a bad way to do Pensions, PERIOD) Hey, Jon you told me earlier about how MEP are so great and that SEP are the worse I guess at the present. Well, Jon here is another SEP that' s about too or allready is going to go bust. Right under our noses,folks. Social Security. Ok, retire's CRISIS remember. Teamster Promises that can't be kept. Next, most or some of the retire's companies have gone out of business. So, what do we do then? Teamsters think Hmmmm. We have been taking their companies contributions on their behalf. Don"t really want to give it back to them, even if it theirs and they worked hard for it. Remember folks, Teamster looking out for the common laborer. (teamsters thinking) Hey, I got it lets just make up some bogus promises(dime a dozen) after all we can still get the monthly dues out of him. We also can steal from Peter to pay Paul. MEP, you gotta love it. Pure corrupt Genius. LMAO Folks you just have to laugh or you'll just plan go insane.

    Retire's what fair is fair. To be honest, most of you have probably received more than your fair share. Some(alot) of your companies that you have worked for have long ago gone out of business. Have compassion over the present day workers that are about to get a possible royal screwing. Teamsters, sadly to say, sold you a bill of goods. Promises that were never meant to be kept. How could they keep all those promises. There not a business. They don't make a product, etc, etc. Their a parasite when it comes to pensions.

    In closing, Retire's its all about planning. Self reliance. I hope and pray that your economics affairs are in order, because if and when UPS pulls the plug so to speak. The CS titanic will go down. Thus the feds will have to take over in which case you will be making a lot less than what you are making now. Look at the Bright side. At least your getting something. The rest of the presentlly working CS laborers have the worry of getting nothing.

    Oh, by the way Jon on your possible unethical practices. As you know by now I have passed alot of your posts to my center manager and acct rep. I have recently talked to the acct rep in particular. He has also told me some very interesting info. Anyhow, enuff said, Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cafers. area 43 out
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    I'm confused.... Alias? :confused:1
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    Area43? Whicks45? And you called jon out on integrity?
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    no not alias and no I'm not calling anyone out. I just cut and pasted all of the articles that area43 told you to go back and look at so that everyone else didn't have to do it. Ya know just trying to be helpful. I'm also trying to get some info on how this is going to work out for all the guys who are about to retire (like my father was planning on doing tomorrow).
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    Copy and paste the following link for a video explaining the IBT/UPS pension plan.

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    Ahh I see now.... the first one was a quote, the second was a copy/paste. The fact that it wasn't in italic is what confused me I think. I should have caught that he said "good morning" and it was posted at night... :thumbup1:
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    If your father is planning to retire tomorrow, then he has already made his plans.
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    If this is the same one on Teamster.org I read it this morning. I like what I am hearing from it. There is way too much information that is completely wrong being spread around. Everyone with an interest in the CS takeover should take the time to watch this.
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    Such as?
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    Such as watch and listen to the video and educate yourself.
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    So you are comparing what someone said in a video to the language in the contract? I hope your right for your sake but you need it in writing, an arbitrator, dol, or even the nlrb would not ever uphold charges against these guys if it was never implemented into some sort of contract language, supplement etc.
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    Red, I think you owe me an apology. Lets not be so fast to jump the gun. Red a little paranoid, perphaps. Come on, 705. Grab another Latte and lets start being a little nicer. Happy Face. ( :
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    hope someone can help me with this I have worked full time as a driver for almost 32 years I have been out of work 16 months on workers comp my pension and insurance stopped after 12 months can i still retire under the new ups pension if it is voted in? Or do i kave to work one hour under the new plan?
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    Since your comp ended already, I would think that you'd have to work an hour under the new pension if it were to be ratified. The language seemed pretty clear.