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  1. QueenBee

    QueenBee The Cupcake Lady

    I am new to UPS. I really like my job, and working at night.

    :bored: I was caught off guard by how miserable people are. I just wish people were happier. I smile a lot and I think that bothers people. I wish that they had told me how unhappy most people are who have worked at the company for longtime were. I really like my job and it is one of the easier positions in the HUB. People have said to me that we (Clerks) don’t really do anything, but I have already hurt my knee and wrist lifting packages huge packages.

    Some people call me the "Cupcake Lady." I like to celebrate miscellaneous national and international holidays.:tongue_sm I bring goodies for the food miscellaneous holidays.


    June 14th National Strawberry Shortcake Day –Those were a HUGE hit
    June 20th - National Peaches and Cream Day – I used delightful cream, fresh organic peaches, a smidgen of pie crust sprinkles, and top it with a juicy pitless cherry
    June 25th - National Strawberry Parfaits

    I will post pictures of my creations in the future.
  2. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    Queenbee.....welcome !!

    Just keep smiling.....smiles are contageous. I see a lot of grumps daily in my world and I just give them extra big smiles. Turns out, sometimes they are just concentrating on something and they'll smile back & speak.:)

    Your avatar made me smile.
  3. upsgrunt

    upsgrunt Well-Known Member

    Welcome Queenbee!
    Moreluck is right-life is too short to be grumpy all the time. You are doing the right thing by being happy.
    Keep up the good work!
  4. samiam

    samiam I wish, there for I am?

    As a UPSer for over 16 years I can say, without bleeding brown, that I am happy where I work and the company I work for. There is a lot of crap to put up with, just like any job, but I still enjoy it. Keep up the good outlook, it only makes things easier.
  5. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    "I bring goodies for the food miscellaneous holidays."

    Please come work in my center.
  6. scratch

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    Welcome to the Brown Cafe, Cupcake Lady, I see you registered today. I am also one of those people that smiles a lot. I don't understand how some people go through life trying to be miserable all the time. I am usually upbeat most of the time, I try to enjoy every moment I can. And I like to work, its fun to meet all the different types of people I run into all day. I know a lot of people at work who are happy, and I have been with UPS since 1975. Your life is what you make it, the view is much better when you hold your head high instead of looking at the ground all the time.:wink:
  7. Sammie

    Sammie Well-Known Member

    Welcome, Queenbee!!

    Sounds like you also know the only way to a man's heart!!

    (No, not through a vacuum cleaner and yes, also by giving
    him lots of space to run in)!!! :wink:
  8. neverfastenough

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    i am new to this site!! how can i post my question???
  9. DS

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    start a new thread!...great name btw...just missed you in chat
  10. Raw

    Raw Raw Member

    We used to have a customer counter lady that worked in the AM everyday bring in homemade entree`s that employees ( mostly management ) would feast on daily. Then the strike of `97 happened but she would continue to bring in her daily feast`s ( crossing the picket line ) to management ! Needles to say she wasn`t liked by all anymore.
  11. QueenBee

    QueenBee The Cupcake Lady

    You guys are SUPER!

    At my center only about 2 or 3 members of management eat my goodies. The others look at me weird because of a couple of reasons……anyhoo…

    It started out as something nice for the other clerks on my shift. When I came to UPS other people were getting pizza, bar-b-que, fish plates,etc. The clerks were not even offered a drink of water.

    It has really blossomed and I try to do it 2 to 4 times a month.

    I leave them in different centers and let people go at them.

    The loaders were shocked that I offered some to them, the 70lbs and over guys get the most excited (They are fun!), the drivers appreciate it most after a customer acts crazy with them, the other clerks adore them, etc.

    I will keep smiling!:laugh:
  12. cino321

    cino321 Active Member

    Remember this job is only as ridicolous as you make it, don't let it age you.
  13. EAM_Master

    EAM_Master Part-Time'er for Life!

  14. dammor

    dammor Active Member

    Leave it to you to kill the smile. How shocking.....
    Clerks here aren't union.

    Cupcake Lady, I like your spirit. Your smile and actions help more than you realize. We could all learn a lesson from you. Thanks.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I will not make any comment about your personality until you start bringing those goodies to our center immediately!!!
  16. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    What is it about cupcakes that eminates humility?
    I had a lady that called for a pickup about twice
    a month and each time she`d give me a fresh
    baked(still warm) muffin.It made me feel appreciated in a way that management does not when they buy coffee and donuts for us.
    Theres something about this thing called kharma that rings true.

    btw Welcome to the cafe queenbee
  17. area43

    area43 New Member

    Just a side note, I had a customer that gave me a half of a round(appox 14 inches dia)frosted cake for Christmas every year. I always wondered what he did with the other half. Maybe feeze it and give it to me the next year. lol I think he would give the other half to the mailman. Welcome aboard, QB and NFE ( :