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    My husband worked for fedex for 17 years. He started as a package handler and moved up to a Senior Manager. He was let go almost 1 year ago. He had no warning it was going to happen. Just 1 day after 17 years he was let go. He was told due to performance today would be your last day. When he went on the call to HR for the employment thing they told him it was because of his audit. He won the award for the best audit score of his district. I have a picture of him holding his trophy he won. Nothing made sense. They were confused as well on the phone but that was what they had as a reason for his dismissal. He had no PIP's (performance improvement plan) so he had no idea that it was that bad. He came into a real low performing station. He had let people go and was turning it around. All of his numbers were improving over where it was before he got there. We received unemployment benefits no problem. Just curious on what we should have done or should do.... I feel he got skrewed!

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    Don't take this personal, but you won't find any sympathy here. This company has really gone down hill over the years and if your husband is smart, he will realize that getting canned is a blessing in disguise.
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    I know of 2 Seniors in my district that got canned for ( falsification) gone in one day. We have a District Director that has no problem terminating anyone for any reason. Sorry this has happened to you and your family. This company is no longer a Big family. Most Senior employees hate the way Fedex has turned. Profit over their employees. But I noticed yesterday that we will be having a spring time lunch. Guess what, it's SFA time again. We are not stupid, we know what's going on.
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    He didn't take any shortcuts during his quest to improve the station, did he? In my experience, one of the biggest reasons for SRM dismissal is falsification. Also since SRMs are the highest authority in the station, they tend to see themselves as infallible... right up until someone calls the alert line and utters the words 'hostile work environment'.

    Not saying that is the case; there are some great senior managers out there, but there are a lot of :censored2:s as well that have no qualms about stepping on people to grab the next brass ring.
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    Like the others said, its most likely falsification. Real or perceived.
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    No they had nothing on falsification, no integrity issues, etc... I'm not looking sympathy. I was just curious to see if anyone thought it was worth fighting for? I know it's been a blessing.
    It was just his boss said one thing and then the call with the head of HR from Pittsburg had a different reason that didn't make sense & they had no idea when they were told he won the award for the best audit. But everyone in Fedex knows they aren't going to admit wrong doing. They will back company employees first wrong or not. I personally think it upset his boss when he applied for another senior manager job out of the district he was in. I personally think it was retaliation for wanting out of that district because it was crap. My husband bleed purple. He loved his job stress or not....No one from any of the other districts he worked in can believe he was let go. They would take him in a heart beat if they could. I think most people just want a REAL and FAIR reason to terminate after 17 years with a company. Mind you there were other employees who did a crap job and were offered demotions. He wasn't even told or given reason to believe he was about to be let go. It just doesn't make sense.
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    Unless he's not telling you something.
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    What FedEx company??? You said "head of HR from Pittsburg" I'm guessing Ground. If thats the case you will get even less sympathy from the Express employees on this site.
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    Falsification at FedEx? Nah, couldn't happen! <SMH> Falsification is the ONLY reason my station could ever get station of the month, and we somehow are in the running every month!
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    As a member of management, your husband had an employment contract that protects him, that both parties are obligated to abide by. If your husband does not feel his firing was justified based on the reason provided, he has legal recourse, and potential damages forthcoming. My gut feeling, however, is that your husband has not been forthright with you.
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    I know of a SM who got fired for having porn on his FedEx laptop. I wonder if HE was forthright with his wife? Lol.
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    especially if it was photos of Fred in the "altogether"
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    OK, so now we know it's Ground because you mentioned Pittsburgh. It really doesn't matter which opco, because they all grow from the same rotten stem, FDX. Management at this company is a double-edged sword, because one day you're golden, and the next, you're getting the perp walk out the door from Security. In many ways, linking hands with the devil Smith just puts you one step closer to the door.

    The reality of FedEx is that anyone can be fired at any time for any reason, or no reason at all. It's a hot, sticky mess, corrupt to the core, and lacking in ethics of any kind.

    Look to our glorious founder, and research his background of death, underhanded deals, and outright lies. Then, you'll understand what FedEx is all about. Your husband has been handed a blessing in disguise. Hopefully, he finds something better soon.
  14. 59 Dano

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    The one thing FedEx fears over all else is lawsuits. He wasn't fired with "nothing on him." You can bet the farm that the reason for his termination was thoroughly documented and that he was told the reason when they fired him. Anyone who gets fired knows why. They might not agree with the reasoning, but they know what it is.
  15. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    They hate it so much that they refuse to leave.
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  16. MrFedEx

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    Right. Nobody at FedEx has ever been terminated on false premises. The courts say otherwise.

  17. CJinx

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  18. MrFedEx

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    I've been an Express employee for a very long time, and have seen FedEx sued successfully many times. Here's a tutorial of how it works, so try to keep up, OK? I can't speak to Ground's legal issues, so I'll let others take that opco on.

    1. Dano is right...FedEx fears lawsuits, just like all major corporations with deep pockets. Another reason they fear them is that FedEx is an unethical employer that operates at the edges of the law. In other words, they aggressively terminate and/or harass employees in their endless efforts to shave costs and keep FedEx non-union. FedEx gets sued frequently because they deserve to be sued.

    2. I personally know many ex-employees who received large settlements from FedEx for a variety of reasons, ranging from unlawful termination to sexual harassment. Although settlements are usually confidential, some of these were in the high 6 figures.

    3. Notice the word settlement. Approximately 90% of all legal cases are settled out of court, so you're only going to see the most high profile suits and payouts in the media. FedEx doesn't want their dirty laundry aired.

    4. If you do sue FedEx, it will probably be on a contingency basis, because the Express MO is to try and extend a case as far as possible in order to starve you out. Very few employees can afford to pay for expensive attorneys, so FedEx and it's huge legal team have an enormous advantage. If an attorney won't take your case on a contingency basis, you are screwed. Fred knows this, and attempts to intimidate employees into thinking they'll never win against FedEx Legal. Usually, FedEx will hire high-priced local talent supplemented by Legal, so your attorney needs to be good and your case a strong one. Besides stalling, they will try and change venues or move the case to Federal Court because they operate nation-wide and might find a more sympathetic judge in another forum. It's a huge game, and they are quite good at it.

    Nothing is more satisfying than see a former and/or current employee get a large settlement from Fred, and there are plenty of people who have prevailed against Mr. Smith's machine. FedEx screws people around like no other company out there, and they screw-up all the time by breaking the law.

    Someday, you'll figure it out. Fred Smith is not a good guy, and he thinks he and his various companies are above the law. After all, so far he's gotten away with drunk driving, vehicular homicide, insider trading, embezzlement, and a host of other illegalities because he's Fast Freddy with the big $$ and big-time connections.

    Hopefully there are some class-actions in the pipeline for age discrimination etc.

    Smith is an arrogant bastard with zero conscience and little regard for the law...except when he has to write a big check to someone other than a politician.
    Make the MF write that check and watch his palms sweat and his hands shake because he's losing a few pennies.
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    So no source?
  20. CJinx

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    Figured as much. Gonna file that one under hearsay along with the executive jet theory BS.