Curious! Something's not right! Ft progression. What to do?

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  1. Rugarell

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    I'm in my 3rd yr of progression got my 3 yrs of safety plaque in 2018. This November marks 4 yrs of driving Ft. Since the new contract has been settled I went from $21 to 24 an hr I thought if I'm under the old contract i should be at $25 an hr once i hit my 3rd yr of progression which was last November. My center manager told me that he sent my information in last week about my pay and told me today that my next pay raise was $28.75 next yr! That's incorrect because I should be at top pay this November once I hit 4 yrs of Ft driving correct? He responded he's gonna keep digging to see what's going on I feel something's not right I work too damn hard not to get paid correctly. What to do?
  2. BigBrown87

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    Talk to your BA about your situation they would be able to help you figure out your pay more then your manager would.
  3. BigBrown87

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    What supplement are you under? If you are in the central you would not have gained seniority due to it being peak season and had to wait until after January 1st to do so.
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    Top rate AFTER the fourth year. Not on your 4year anniversary
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    I'm just a couple months ahead of you. My seniority date is 9/30/2016. I'm making $24 now and will be $28.xx as well. If your seniority date is 2015 you have an issue.
  6. Brownslave688

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    Yeah I’m guessing this is where the confusion is.
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    Under the new contract, you should be making $28.75/hr if you’re 36 months or more past your seniority date.

    Once you hit 48 months, you’re top rate.
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  8. BigJamesBrown

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    You should be receiving$0.70 for your gwi on top of whatever your progression rate is according to the contract.
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  9. ManInBrown

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    What does that mean? I was on 3 year progression and hit top rate on my 3 year anniversary. He should absolutely hit top rate on his 4 year anniversary. What does after the fourth year mean? How long after? 2 years, 4 years?
  10. ManInBrown

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    wrong. While in progression you don’t get GWI. Only the progression bump
  11. BigJamesBrown

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    Not true. Read article 41! Full time employee with seniority date before August 1st receives gwi
  12. CoffeeStainedUniform

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    You've got a thread about this, please debate it over there. You're confusing the issue.
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  13. BigJamesBrown

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  14. Osubrownguy

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    Wrong just got payed for vacation for next week and it has the 75 cent raise on it and im in my 3rd year of progression. 24.75$
  15. ManInBrown

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    Then someone made a mistake. Better put that money away. They might come looking for it
  16. Osubrownguy

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    Big money
  17. BigJamesBrown

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    I was asked not to talk about the gwi on this thread, but a Teamster representative contacted me personally today to tell me back full-time employees with a seniority date before August 1st will be getting the gwi! Also he said the teamsters will be putting out a newsletter late next week explaining the whole process.
  18. Two Tokes

    Two Tokes Give it to me Baby

    This is a game our dear company likes to play
    Go to your BA
    If you don't it will become another problem down the road
  19. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    Your first mistake is going to center manager for advise .

    Talk to your local rep or call your BA .
  20. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Hope this helps