current contract or ratified contract?

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  1. Barney-style

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    Can someone please tell me if I'm hired full time, how long it will take to get health insurance?
    Thanks in advance
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    1 year if your hired as a permanent employee and if you make seniority and if you are still around in a year.
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    1 year for you and 18 months for your family; however, if you are covered by a Union plan, this may differ in your local.
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  7. Barney-style

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    I'm currently with central states team care now. Teamster Freight.
    Nice video clip

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  8. DriveInDriveOut

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    Just so everyone knows, the 18 month coverage wait for dependents has apparently already dropped to 12 months which is the waiting period in the new national contract.

    I haven't worked for UPS for 18 months yet, and I now have dependent coverage. I was pretty surprised to get the notice in the mail, I wasn't expecting it until March. I got it soon after January 1st. Seems pretty strange but I'm not complaining.
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    Ask Poopstate...he Is, a not a know it all!
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    This should be in the freight section. We have somewhere between zero and very little knowledge about their contract.
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    So about the same amount of knowledge in any other thread...
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    Well for me yes but I won't speak for others.....
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    We were told it is because of the new Obama Care rules!!!