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    Hello, I've always known that this site was around for about 2 years now, but never decided to make a account till recently do to the fact I don't think I am being told all that is true. To first start it off I'll start from the beginning an go from the outcomes of it. For reference I am inside the wear house working as a sorter as my current job.

    I've been with UPS for 4 years, but my Sen. starts at 5/12.

    Last October Mike (A former Supervisor of the Sort isle) and myself went to go take a physical at a UPS doctor location in order to be what I think is called a DMP clerk or First Responder for short. We had to take a respirator test as well as a full body physical to see if we were able to preform the jobs at hand.

    Both of us ended up passing it, and he was moved down to the Pit first to be trained an I was soon suppose to follow him. Peak season went thru an still haven't moved down there, got another job at night at Amazon and moved to the Day shift in UPS. I've talked to my full time Sup that told me to go take my physical back in October and he told me I would become a backup responder. Once Terry the current responder went on vacation I was suppose to be trained for the pit an cover for her.

    My full time sup said that once the new sorters where trained I would be trained down there. That whole week went by and I wasn't trained. I got angry an decided to fill a grievance about it. Before filling back in July I've wrote on the preferred list ensuring that I can get the job based off Seniority. That same day in July I've noticed they placed a girl in the position that hasn't even been here for a full year, which even upset me more, thus taking action in filling a grievance.

    About a month or so had gone by and we had the meeting near the end of August and basically the Hub manager didn't want to move me because I was a trained sorter an he is getting ready for peak season an can't afford to lose someone that is skilled to go to a non-skilled position. He also says that I will lose a dollar if I go down there, which I know for a fact that since I've passed the sort test an been on the sort isle for 2 years I've been there too long for them to take it from me.

    Ending result ended in the fact that according to our local union 322, the president told me that them putting her in that position before you didn't go against the contract due to the fact that it wasn't a preferred job. I've even gone an called the Union in DC to try an help me out, called a week ago, never got a call back an just called a few minutes before posting this here trying to get some true resolution to this.

    Honestly I believe someone forged my paper work since my full time sup told me that I failed my physical based off medical records they gave to him, an when I went back to get them she only handed me 2 pieces of paper that basically said nothing wrong with me, passed respirator an physical can preform duties of the job.

    Mainly I would like to know was I told right by the local union or can I honestly fight this all the way, an to whom would I have to go too, because I myself, believe I should have had this job before her, they just don't want to move me an only tell me things and when I repeat them to others that has been their for about 20 years or so said they telling me wrong.

    Thanks for the time to whoever responds to this sorry I know it was long.
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    If your user name is your real name, I suggest you change it ASAP.

    I think you did the right thing by contacting the IBT in DC. You should also contact the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) and/or your state's labor board/agency and ask them if you have a case against the union and/or the company.
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    What a story.
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    Firstly holy crap too much information.
    Secondly did you sign a bid for the other job? If not then they can use you how they want
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    Tears are flowing from my eyes OP. Stop toying with our emotions!
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    Yes I did sign the preferred list in HR stating that I wanted the job as well looked for whoever else had applied for it, I was the only one and went I rechecked again after they had placed the junior person in the position, I was still the most Sen. on the list.
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    Well here goes a question about it, the local 322 tells me that the First Responder/DMP isn't apart of the preferred jobs, so they can put whoever they want regardless of seniority. I've tried looking through the contract saying about these types of jobs, but haven't had any luck. I've noticed a post on here saying preferred jobs but wasn't sure if it was only limited to Preload.
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    I would honestly just stay sorting for now and try to keep bidding on jobs u want, they can't keep skipping you forever. As for the pay they can take away the dollar raise for the time ur doing the unskilled job, u would change ur pay code whenever u go to do dmp or sorting or whatever else ur doing.
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    Things like DMP, International clerk, responder, just add more chances to make a simple mistake to be written up for.

    Why would anyone want a position with more responsibility without more (or even less) pay?
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    Number one I couldn't careless about the pay change. I should have been a DMP clerk a year ago, took the physical an passed. They are telling me I didn't, I hope they forged my paper work so I can go after whoever that did it. The Union was a huge let down telling me what they did wasn't against the contract.

    The sort isle where I have been for 2 years is getting completely outta control on this day sort I am working. I'm tired of having to be a 4.1 ratio on the sort. They recently put a girl on there thats been there for a month yet I have to sort 4 unloaders while she is behind me hardly taking any of the packages. I deserve the DMP spot an I will fight it to the end, but apparently I am not getting an straight forward answers, just "Whys" and etc.
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    If u really want that dmp job then do what u have to, as far as u having to work hard on the sort aisle, u can go two different ways. Just slow down and let it get backed up, or suck it up. Sounds harsh but u don't have an easy job ya know, a lot of people here had to work jobs like that for many years before they got where they wanted, and even a lot of drivers still bust their ass every day. Just the nature of the beast