current wait time to go full time?

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  1. I know in southern virginia the wait time to get a ft driving spot is 8-9 years. currently though in d.c. they are hiring right away for non seasonal.
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  4. imagine if you will, a thread that has informative information and not just sarcastic condomsending people ranting about the most random things they can come up with. imagine a thread where people could see how and where the company was hiring...... imagine.
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    Imagine picking up a magic 8 ball and getting an answer more accurate.


    Imagine a noob logging on, starting a thread, spelling and using punctuation correctly.

  7. imagine someone in gaging in the subject presented to them instead of being a grammar nazi. imagine. please continue hating the world and telling others you dont.
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    Someone's a little grumpy they have to wait 10 years to go FT
  9. not me I'm ftcd
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    Condomsending people? Are they sending Trojans? Magnums I hope. :)
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  11. pumpkin spice flavored.
  12. French ticklers.
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    Xtra small??
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  15. Where's Cach? He would have a field day,with this.
  17. it won't play
  18. The thread lock countdown,starts now.
  19. what a catastrophic event that would be
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    Yes it does!