Customer Accuse us of Scamming

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    A video rant by a guy who claims video proof of an illegitimate delivery attempt. While a lot of what he says isn't necessarily accurate, the point is that cameras are everywhere as we know but the recordings can potentially catch dishonest "attempts". In this case, the driver never got out of his truck and supposedly sent it to an Access Point.

    Don't be caught in this type of situation! A good way to get fired and a way to contribute to these online rants that make the company look like trash. This things got a million views so far.

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    And the last horse finally crosses the finish line. ;)

    Customer Accuse us of Scamming
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    Dude needs to shave or something
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    dude complains n makes a video...continues to use ups anyway cuz everything else sucks and he knows hes full of it
  5. MarvelousMunata

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    Just adding on here....

    I noticed in the comments there was a nurse complaining that she cant just not do her job because people need their medication. Well she can go :censored2: herself because I just spent a few days in the hospital with a bunch of techs and nurses who simply just chose to not do their :censored2:ing jobs. But people wana get on the ups guy over some cardboard. :censored2: that. Dude wasnt even home
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    I don't get it. The driver failed to do his job that he is getting paid to do while the customer isn't getting the expected service he paid for. Seems like he has a right to be upset so why the hate for the guy?
  7. PeakMode

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    Driver was a a hole and the customer was a hole. Two a holes do not make any of it right.
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    The AP (Access Point) delivery concept was poorly implemented by UPS. No training or information was provided to employees in our building on how the system actually worked. Customers were confused as to why and how their packages were being redirected. When drivers bring back AP packages to me....... I hold them until the end of the night after the address has been changed to the AP point of pickup. Invariably, we would have one or two customers want to come into our center that same evening to pick the package up OR have the package be redelivered to the original address or an alternate address of their choice. (If I would have immediately put the package back into the system, it would have ended up in some local retain trailer where finding it would be difficult or impossible).

    I strongly encourage ALL customers that have had a bad experience with AP deliveries to sign up for UPS MyChoice. UPS My Choice

    UPS does a relatively poor job of training IMHO. The AP concept is just another cost cutting move to impress Wall Street while reducing services to our customers........... Reminds me of when we started "Red Dotting" certain residential packages . Fortunately, we had seasoned drivers who refused to "red dot" for commercial farming operations since UPS Corporate felt that getting an important piece of equipment to them should fall under the category of a residential delivery. "Corporate Greed".
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    No but two a holes make for a really great time according to @Indecisi0n
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    Oh my
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    This. Just do your freaking job. We know damn well we have some lazy mofos as coworkers (or who knows, it could be you) that do crap like this. Don't be mad at the customer who calls it out. Do your job and this kind of stuff won't happen. If you did what you were supposed to and the customer complains about something then you have no reason to worry .

    There were a few times the OMS messaged me saying the customer said I didn't attempt a delivery and just left an info notice. To which I always had the same reply, why would I walk all the way to the door just to leave a notice? I could see you making a claim like that if the item was large. But in these instances, it was some regular size package that was easy to carry. I notice these days now that most folks have ring doorbells now I never get these kind of messages anymore.

    Notice the guy in the video had nothing but praise for his normal driver, even hooks him up with snacks and a cool tip around Christmas time because he takes care of him, actually calls/texts him to let him he got a package. That's going beyond the call of duty, yes, but IMO this is what sets us apart from the other delivery services, our superior customer service. One previous poster said this is a fail on the driver but I disagree.
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    The guy has 3 security systems, what kind of neighborhood does he live in ?
    I wonder if someone can drop a dime on his "business" operating out of his home ?
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    Its great when it works. Its failed for me a couple of times, and I don't have a funky address or name.
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    Brown echo If u are not alive than for sure truth is not real

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    Brown echo If u are not alive than for sure truth is not real

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    Brown echo If u are not alive than for sure truth is not real

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    Brown echo If u are not alive than for sure truth is not real

  18. BlackCat

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    That video proved absolutely nothing. How do we know for certain that the driver even had a delivery for that address? Because this anonymous YouTuber said so?

    I have a feeling that this whole video was a ruse by this guy trying to keep himself relevant. Notice how many times he name drops and then proceeds to tell everyone how important he used to be?

    What better way to relive your former glory than to produce some youtube hoax and hope that it goes viral.