Customer complaint of the day.

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  1. Rang the service bell at a customer location this afternoon like I usually do. The lady answered the door and the first thing that pops out of her mouth is My god you're the 3rd FedEx driver I've seen today. Can't you guys get it right? How does FedEx make any money by sending a driver in the morning (P1), a driver in the afternoon (Ground) or (Express), a Different driver in the Evening to pickup (for Express), and a (Ground) driver again if he ever shows up to get his stuff. Instead of giving the usual "well ma'm FedEx Express and FedEx Ground are different Blah blah blah" I just told her she was right and that I didn't know why the company does what it does and that no, it absolutely makes no sense to me either. It's embarrassing to work for a company that's managed so poorly.
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    Ask her to call fred, maybe he can answer the question. lol
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    Don't forget to report back here what she finds out.
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    My favorite today was the one where I had one P1 letter, and 50 SOS boxes to a company with no dock. I told then I would be back in an hour after I finished P1 to drop off the boxes. I get back and the Ground driver is there, telling them he would have delivered them all at once. I would too, if my P1's didn't have a commit time. I can just see my manager asking why I had multiple P1 lates, and my response of I had to make 6 or 7 trips with SOS at 0930, in through the front door!!
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    If you guys are going to have complaint of the day, it should have started years ago, there are thousands every day from either carrier. To this one, you can say, "would you rather us not deliver your goods?".