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  1. mrl72

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    Hey all

    I understand this is more of an employee related site but was hoping to maybe get some help in regards to a package of mine (a very important one in fact) that was sent overnight next day air to arrive today. An exception was raised last night at 11:23PM stating "The package was left in a UPS facility. / Forwarded to the facility in the destination city." and no update since. I called UPS main line and was told it was still on schedule to receive today (tracking site says on schedule before 10:30am today) but again, nothing new in the status, not even arrived in local facility to me. Since the clock is ticking and no update has been posted I'm inclined to think that the package is still sitting at the origin facility, and therefore I may as well start being a bit proactive and seeing if this can be traced and upgraded to overnight saturday delivery, since I need the item tomorrow at the latest.

    Tracking #: 1ZE6W3112404331421

    Can anyone assist or give some help on how I can go about doing this? Speaking with a rep on the main UPS line really doesn't give me any more information.

    Much obliged!
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    If this is a pkg being sent to you (you are the 'consignee', in UPSspeak), call the person or company sending it to you (the 'shipper').
    The shipper is the entity that needs to call and find out where your package is, why it isn't making it's time/service commitment, and have it 'upgraded' to Saturday delivery. (I hope the Saturday delivery address is the same as it was to be delivered to today, make sure that info is updated if a different delivery address is needed).
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    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately the company shipping the item just closed 30mins ago (typical). Anything else I could do? What's the chances that it IS actually in transit still? I know it's a 3 hour flight from NY to FL, is there a possibility it could still show up later today?

  4. TearsInRain

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    they'll load it on their air-trailer tonight, it will arrive in the destination city by tomorrow, and be out for delivery on Monday, 9 January, morning

    if its really urgent, call the 1800 number and tell them you want it upgraded to a saturday delivery asap and will eat whatever additional charges personally

    if their OMS is worth anything, they'll make it happen
  5. mrl72

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    Obviously their OMS is not worth anything then since they told me nothing they can do about it. Well this sucks.

    Appreciate the help so far though but destroyed my confidence in UPS going forward.
  6. TearsInRain

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    did you only deal with the 1800#? call them up again and demand to speak with the local center. Further advise them that if they dont upgrade it to saturday delivery, which doesnt add that much cost onto an NDA, that you will be seeking a full-refund of shipping charges (which you'll get at this point if you pursue it), and that it would be wise for them to lose a small amount of money and make it right for the customer, instead of losing a large amount of money and looking like :censored2:
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    Be sure to call them that to! It will be HILARIOUS.
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  8. mrl72

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    Calling the 800 number just getting the run around and was told there was no way to connect me to the local facility. Oh well..
  9. TearsInRain

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    i'm really sorry you've been so thoroughly lied to. the 1800# has a tough job, but they really dont know much. when it gets delivered, demand a full refund of shipping charges, you'll get it.
  10. hondo

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    • I'd say the chances of it showing up later today are statistically insignificant, meaning ZERO.
    • There is a slight chance it would make it to FL tomorrow, but if it hasn't been 'upgraded' to Saturday delivery it will be sitting in a container with 100s of other packages and won't be unloaded/sorted until early Monday.
    I suggest:
    1. Try 1-800-833-9943
    2. Try the 'live chat' feature at the bottom of the tracking web page
    3. Try getting a local # for the facility it was left at(google it). I think you will probably need to talk to someone in the 'Air' department. It is possible that even if you get a #, the Air dept is not staffed until about 4 or 5 PM local time.
    4. If it does get to the FL facility near you on Saturday, but hasn't been upgraded to go out for delivery; and if there is a 'customer counter' there open on Saturday; and if you have ID that matches the address it is being shipped to; and if you are very, very good at sweet-talking customer reps or being an extremely obnoxious PITA; you might be able to get it then, if you start on them early.
    I hope you can get your pkg on time.
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    Please, some of us find this to be offensive.
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    the point of an insult is to be offensive

    and why would you find it offensive, you're not the :censored2: involved in this screwup
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  13. mrl72

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    Thanks all that responded. I think the odds are not stacked in my favor since a) I can't seem to get any sense from anyone on the 800 number, even the supervisor and b) the local facility near me is closed on Saturdays anyway. So I guess I'll be seeking a full refund of $100 come Monday..

    Cheers again and have a great weekend (even though I won't lol).

    MIDWEST New Member

    best way to get in contact with the center is to call 800 num and like someone said earlier sweet talk, most the time these people with the 800 num are not the smartest nor do they understand what goes on with our operations. once you get ahold of the center they will tell you that theres nothing they can do but, what they can do is contact the center that still has the package in its building find the package and put saturday stickers on it. if you can get ahold of the center that still has the package which is Island City,Ny they can try to put their hands on it. by no means am i telling you they will do this or this is ups policy its just what I would do for a customer if they came to me with the problem
  15. cosmo1

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    Because I have a nephew with autism and have heard the term used too many times.

    Looks like the management mindset is getting to you.
  16. AKX

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    Call this number with all your information and explain your situation. They should be able to help directly or transfer you to someone who can. The package should be easily found because it will be in a area for LIB (left in building) from last night.

  17. mrl72

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    Just an update: I called the 718 number posted by AKX. FYI I was able to talk to a supervisor earlier who had a similar number but when I called her back she just left for the day. Luckily for me, the girl I talked to was VERY nice (dang I forgot to get her name) so I told her that the [supervisor] was tracking the package and was upgrading to Sat delivery for me. The girl said she called Air[?] and they still had the package and had them upgrade it to Saturday! Fingers crossed I'll get it tomorrow.

    Thanks to everyone that chipped in to help, very much appreciated and providing my package comes tomorrow would have saved me a major inconvenience!

  18. ORLY!?!

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    Overnights not done today ( Friday ) will always be done on Saturday.

    Stay home and have no plans for awhile, at least for half of the morning.

    The upgrade wouldve happened without your calls. I understand the need, it couldve been anything. Pills, documents, anything worth the need to apply to this forum obviously.

    Good luck to you!
  19. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I'm sure the package will show up late. I'm also sure that the management team at that location has already taken the necessary steps to make sure that it will "disappear" in the system so it won't show as late. Or one of many other dishonest acts that takes place behind the scenes daily in centers all over the world to cover a supervisor's rear end. And customer service will probably have a nice fat excuse as to why they don't have to honor a claim to recover the cost of the package. Sorry....just being honest here.
  20. mrl72

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    Thanks, had I known that I wouldn't have been so worried. Saying that, I got the message from everyone I spoke to on the phone that it would come Monday not Saturday and that upgrading was not policy yada yada.