Customers Closed, Volume Down


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Things seemed pretty busy so far this week, but yesterday a couple of regulars on my route were closed. One manager told me that volume throughout the district is way down. What's it like where you are? What will the company do? Reduce hours, eliminate routes?


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There’s a lot of residential people ordering online more than usual. I would see how things pan-out the next week or to two before I believe what any manager says. Memphis puts the heat on managers to save the company money, so with several businesses closed that could be a convenient crutch for them.


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Volume is steady here. We saw volume fall off from last year, after Christmas but it's been holding steady since then.

Operational needs

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We just got a broadcast saying that FedEx Office hours are changing until further notice to 0900-2100. No deliveries prior to 0900 including holds. It does not include FXO locations in Walmarts.


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Things have picked up every since the announcement of express to ground. Good increase in volume this past month. Last night was busy.