Customers word on street is that UPS does not pay claims

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upsurge, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. upsurge

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    Being retired I have a lot of time to chat with strangers including about ups. Recently I have found that many say that they hear that ups doesnt pay it's claims. I think we need to review our claims policies as we cant afford a bad reputation. Customers must trust us.
  2. upsdude

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    We can start on the "Trust" issue by letting folks know that you are now retired!
  3. deliver_man

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    We can start on the "trust" issue by upsurge admitting he/she is none other than saintteamo, the con artist who robbed hundreds of part-timers in a T-shirt shell game. Shame!
  4. tieguy

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    He certainly seems to go out of his way to broadcast negative items about UPS.
  5. therodog

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    Saintteam0 said...."Being retired I have a lot of time to chat with strangers including about ups. Recently I have found that many say that they hear that ups doesnt pay it's claims. I think we (?) need to review our claims policies as we cant afford a bad reputation. Customers must trust us."

    i thought you were retired?
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    Upsurge do people just come up to you on the street and tell you this type of info? Most people don't have claims that need paying. You are a stange one.
  7. ups_vette

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    These people who "hear" UPS doesn't pay claims, what else do those people "hear"?

    What are the voices in their head telling them?..Are they the same voices you also hear in your head?
  8. mr

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    i'm a clerk with ups. i'm in charge of filing damage claims for our center. what type of claims are you referring to
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    Domo arigato mr. robotto....domo...Domo (says robot)....Domo arigato mr. robotto...domo...domo(says robot)....Ok I remember hearing STYX on the school bus on the way to school.
  10. tahoepickup

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    As far as claims go, we did have 2 claims this year ($200 and $80 items). After UPS paid the claim, which was NO hassle whatsoever, I started getting packages returned to us for "better packing required." Kinda ticked me off since we ship about 150 packages a month and two claims compared to over a thousand sent is a very small percentage.
  11. mr_roboto

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    and now mr roboto is a clerk at ups!...strange world ain't it? you disagree that the packages that were returned to you required better packing. what if the contents of one or more of those packages had been damaged and your claim denied because of inadequate packing?

    those packages were returned for your own protection.
  12. rth87

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    Believe it or not I have heard this from my customers. It's very difficult to get UPS to pay claims even if the packages are properly packaged.
  13. ups_vette

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    In whos view are the packages properly packed?? Of course the shipper would think they were, but thinking so wouldn't necessairly be correct. There are national accepted standards used to determine if packages are properly packed to prevent damage in transit.
  14. proups

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    ups vette is exactly right. I hate seeing packages busted open because they were improperly packed by the shipper.
  15. upsdude

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    Remember the old Fingerhut boxes? No tape, just a single plastic band.
  16. toonertoo

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    And the old LTD boxes? They are back and a little better, at least they have tape this time.
  17. pgraening

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    When I'm unloading feeders, we get a lot of boxes held together with flimsy plastic straps. They get caught on the slides so often and snap that you'd think by now we'd have paid the shipper thousands of dollars in claims or they'd at least change their packaging. But it hasn't happened yet.

    The one company we pay the most claims to actually packs things incredibly well. They ship such a high volume that damages are unavoidable.
  18. rth87

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    Recently a customer say he had used plywood and crated it. He insured it for $4000. I am familiar with his packaging and it is as good as it gets. Needless to say he doesn't use us anymore. We all know how irregs are handled. I've heard the same thing from other customers. I've also heard Fedex is the same way.
  19. atanman1

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    Unfortunately, I have found that Ebay is become a major problem of ours. Many customers are shipping things improperly and they are being damaged. With the new systems at the customer counters, it is almost impossible to inspect each item at the time of shipment.

    As far as paying claims. I have found that people tend to take advantage of the system. For example, there are 3 customer that now have to come to the center to pu packages because they were denying a signature ( about $5000 in claims per cust) These claims were paid, then finally loss prevention said enough!

    I have found that if there is obvious damage with a parcel, obviously caused by our mishandling, the claims are paid fairly quickly. Though we make a large profit, we are not a charity and must have restrictions on claims. There are always improvements to be made, but I think we do a fairly good job in this area.
  20. rushfan

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    Yes the people who auction off things on online auction sites need to package things better.
    I had one customer buy an antique radio online in supposed mint condition. When he received the 50 pound radio, the metal cabinet was damaged-we determined the seller was at fault.

    We as a company need to cover our a.. as far as customers trying to burn us.

    In our area many of our high claims come from the customer counter, and high volume shippers.