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    The CEO of United Way made over three million dollars last year. That was his "cut".

    When you are asked to make your pledge tell UPS you are "cutting" back.

    Maybe they will think twice about putting that extra second on you.

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    Are you serious? I thought that was non profit? I put up 50 bucks this year. ***
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    I no longer contribute because Planned Parenthood is part of United Way.


    I once got spoken with in the office about speaking my mind on the fact United way has to many people on the pay role, and the fact that most of them have very large salaries. The steward and I laughed and asked if there would be anything else that needed to be discussed before we went back to work.

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    I did not know that planned parenthood was part of the UW. That takes care of that.
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    That seems a bit harsh?
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    While I agree that three million a year seems high to run a charity, a non-profit has to pay someone well to bring in large corporate contributions. I used to volunteer a lot with a non-profit and thats the way it is. I'm not a big fan of the United way, but a lot of charities depend on them to keep afloat. Things are particularly bad in todays economy. My wife works in a local food bank and the numbers of people coming in every Saturday morning are still rising.
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    I wish Ronald McDonald House got United Way money.....

    They don't, so when I filled out my UW card, I directed 100% of my donation to the R McD house. That way, I am making my United Way donation, making my bosses happy and supporting a place that supported my family, making my happy (my daughter was treated at Mayo clinic and she and my wife spent a month there. It was $15 a night for a pretty darn nice room. )
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    I stopped giving when I found out the center manager gets a bonus based on 100 percent participation. It's probably a wash, since he is coerced into giving. I'm sure a small percentage of the money ends up where it should. But there is lot wrong with the United Way. It's unfortunate charities take a good hit in bad times.
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    I send money to some kid in Haiti through new missions. They tell me all the money goes to this kid. I'm sure most of it goes to all the layers of people and the kid probably gets a few crumbs. Can't think about it, still keep giving. I sure wouldn't want to run UW for 25 grand a year.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Give to your local food bank, they are hurting more than anytime since their existence. Those jobs lost due to the economy just aren't coming back, or not coming back fast enough.
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    Wanna make some money for United Way?

    Every year at my building, we ADA (dispose of) a few old package cars. Right now, there are three old non power-steering P-5's and a P-10 that are getting ready to go to the junkyard; they are stripping any useful parts off of them and spraypainting over the UPS logo before they get crushed.

    Nothing would make me happier than to be allowed to take a few swings at those pieces of s$%t with a sledgehammer before they get hauled off. I would't hesitate to drop $20 to UW for a dollar a whack. I would even pay an extra $10 to cut the worthless lap belt out, soak it in gas, and set it on fire. Imagine how much $$ we could raise for United Way if all of us were able to give those worthless POS's the love they really deserve.
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    Somebody is yanking your chain.
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    Where do you get off coercing your employees to contribute?? People like you are the reason I quit giving...
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    No, you quit giving because you had an excuse. You never wanted to in the 1st place but could not think of a good reason without being a dick.
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    Originally Posted by UPSSOCKS
    It's funny how people cry and complain on here about time, grievances, benefits, and everything else. Some people don't have to worry about that stuff. Some people don't have jobs to support or feed their family. UPS asks for you to give back a small percentage of your earnings to help people in need. I ask my part time employees to give a dollar a week. If they don't I take ten a week off of them by cutting their time. Interesting stat 92% of my employees give. For all you non givers, I hope you need the United Way one day. I hope you get struck my a natural disaster, I hope your homes burn down, I hope your family starves. Because when United Way offers you help don't accept it. The truth is, the people that don't give will be the first ones in line with their hands out.

    I sincerely hope that what you wished upon others doesn't happen to you. Let me tell you my story.

    Just before Easter Sunday of 1962 my house burned. I was 4 years old and we lost everything. We fended for ourselves. We went to no public charity and no public charity came to us. We did OK. Our family pulled together and we survived and prospered.

    In 1995, my brother in law attempted suicide. After he got out of the hospital, we contacted the United Way to get him some type of help. They couldn't help. He died 6 months later from a drug overdose. He was 29. I miss him dearly. Despite this, I still gave to the United Way.

    In 1997, one month to the day after the strike, I was in a car accident. I was out of work for 6 months. Although my car insurance would have covered my lost income, they wouldn't because UPS wouldn't verify my income and employment status. It took 4 months for them to do so. I went to the United Way. They couldn't help me. My family of 5 lived off of $200 a week that my wife's uncle gave us. We eventually repaid him. God bless him. When I returned to work, I still gave to the United Way.

    Over the years, I gave to the United Way. When I went to them, they offered nothing. Can you give me a reason why I should give?

    I still give.:happy2:
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    Because your a good person and you keep your chin up thats why you do it.
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    My wife has had the honor to be a volunteer on the United Way board here locally. She, and several other people in our surounding area go over and analize all the request from charities requesting money. She spends a good week reading all the applications for funding that the United Way office receives. The problem always is the same, so many request, so little money. Once I saw the work that was put into the United Way on the other side of the coin, it puts new light in the meaning of donating.

    BTW, if you would like to donate all or part of your contribution to one charity (example...Food Bank, Crisis Center, Homeless shelter, Salvation Army,,,ect....), you can. Just write it on your form and that money goes were you want it.

    And if you have to look at it this way......UPS matches the donation you contribute. So the charity YOU have chosen gets twice the bang for your buck!

    Please donate a few bucks or better yet.......your time.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Paul, please thank your wife for me for all of your hard work.

    I quoted this sentence as I don't think it is entirely accurate. Yes, UPS does match our contribution, but I believe it is matched by a single donation to United Way, not 350,000 or so individual donations to specific charities. Can you imagine the logistical nightmare of trying to do that? For example, I donate mine to the local Hospice while a co-worker donates his to the Boy Scouts. UPS would match our donations but that money would go to UW to use as they see fit.

    The UW discussion was beaten to death in an earlier thread. We all have our personal reasons as to why we choose or don't choose to donate. The one reason that I hate hearing is that the employee is mad at UPS so they refuse to donate to UW. Why hurt the charity just because you think your boss is a moron?

    When I was military we always got 100% participation. If an airman chose not to donate the NCOs would simply pitch in to make up the difference in his name. Bingo, 100% participation!

    I do not see how $1 per week would break anyone's budget.