cut routes, service issues?

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Cutting routes causing your customers service issues?

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  1. some1else

    some1else Active Member

    When your center cuts routes what is your experience as far as service issues go?

    ive seen heavy resi routes cut that have some early business; and their airs go to air drivers. if the customer doesnt open until 11 or w/e the regular driver brings it back with the ground. the air driver brings it back to the bldg (not his fualt)

    customers not entitled to specific delivery times; BUT some bus. customers have deliveries ranging from 10am-459pm depending on what routes are cut!
  2. hurricanegunner

    hurricanegunner UPSPoop

    UPS does not care about service, only numbers. That's why we get punished for one missed piece, but nothing happens to them when they leave an entire trailer full of packages on the yard. Also, when cutting routes, that 15 minute window on pick ups goes out the window.
  3. Hangingon

    Hangingon New Member

    PCM today was about the new hot button issue. Customer concerns. Sup said complaints have risen astronomically. Wonder why?
    At least UPS got their way on one thing, they used to be a bit miffed that customers may have been tepid about UPS, but they all loved their drivers. Now they don't know who their driver is from day to day.
  4. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

  5. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    Unforunately we cannot fix it, I have told people to call this number and ask for ****. They are always afraid to get me in trouble. I just tell them it wont, it will let the Gods at Ups know its a problem and they will move you if you are important enough. Its out of my hands. I am not smart enough to know what to do, the board has to tell me.
  6. brownrodster

    brownrodster New Member

    Servicing the customer is not a priority anymore. I will not go out of my way for anyone anymore. You will get your package whenever I show up.

    I got a complaint for doing a pickup after the business closed. Nothign I could do about it. Truck was insanely overloaded and I started pickups almost an hour after I was supposed to. Call the 1800 number because I don't care.

    Today I did a route I haven't done in a long time. It was quite different than last time I did it because the neighbor route doesn't exist anymore. I was delivering to some businesses as I did their pickups. It helped that no one recognized me and I could just play dumb regarding my late delivery time. The route is so jacked up you cannot get all the businesses done early before you start residential and still get good SPORH. Fortunately for me I can play the dumb new guy and deliver these buisnesses after 4PM but the regular driver would never get away with it. He would get hell everyday form these businesses and he's struck in a corner trying to serve his customers and meet their needs. When you've dealt with the same businesses for 20 years or more and see them everyday you feel comitted to serve them. I'm lucky that since I just cover other routes I don't have to care. but I get a lot of service issue complaints for delivering late, etc... But I can do these routes faster than the bid drivers.
  7. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    That's because good customer service take more time than taking care of the numbers.
  8. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    This response always amazes me. I guess you're expecting a formal announcement in your morning PCM as to what discipline was taken against management?:happy-very:
  9. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Obscured by Mirrors Staff Member

    Not really, most of the time good customer service takes no longer than poor customer service. It's more of an attitude than a process.
    I agree that management not "taking care" of their reports will most likely result in a workforce that has no desire to take care of the customer.
    No raises, no 401k match and other reductions in management benefits can arguably be a factor in the decrease in caring about our employees and customers.

    I was a little confused ... comparing Customer Service to "numbers" is like comparing a shirt and the color red. I think I understand what you were trying to say though.
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  10. ups1990

    ups1990 Well-Known Member

    One problem arises when a route gets axed. A driver will tag a door with a specific time for the next day, following day a different drivers shows up either earlier or later than stated time. Have seen very angry customers at the angry customer counter.
  11. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    That's why I never put a time on the tag.
  12. ups1990

    ups1990 Well-Known Member

    Come on now. A true proffesional as yourself, knows that if an irate customer shows up with one of your unmarked info's. You can expect some form of heat.

    Remember. Expect the unexpected.
  13. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    Sure I do, I expect some kind of heat regardless, it goes with the territory.
    But they can't say I told them I would be back in a certain time limit and then not show up. I get there when I can.
  14. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    I do the same. I cannot tell the customer what time when I have no idea what time.
  15. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    or if you will even be on that route.
  16. hurricanegunner

    hurricanegunner UPSPoop

    No, members of management will never be brave enough to stand in front of everyone in the pcm and admit that they screwed up. They simply invent a way to blame the hourly. I was simply pointing out their hypocritical attitude: they expect us to care about customer service and punish us when we fail, even if said failure was their fault. At the same time, they go out of their way to make it impossible for us to provide service.
  17. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Obscured by Mirrors Staff Member

    At least we held on to that part of our heritage. Wasn't sure if they still taught that in Supervisor school.
  18. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    Think of what a morale booster it would be, though....
  19. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    What are you thinking? This company doesn't believe in morale boosting, that might be construed as being positive. Divide and conquer has always been the mantra.
  20. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    ahhh, to dream....