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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by 01focus, Jan 6, 2009.

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    Before i start rambling, keep in mind i've only been in the freight bus. for a year and a half. When we sit around the table for our morn safety meeting, the saleman is always pushing us to ask for more bus when we go P&D. He emphasized yellow trucking as the main target, are we not int he same union Local 745? and if so "ARE WE CUTTING OUR BROTHERS THROAT BY TAKING THEIR BUS?. ARE WE BEING PIMPED AGAINST OUR OWN?
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    You don`t think they`re not getting the same speech over at their barn?
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    you are confusing company with union.i owe no allegiance to yellow roadway when it comes to business.if our company tanks are they going to offer you a position? i'm not even on their contract.perhaps you would like to take their %10 pay cut or hang out with former employees of cf. i'm not advocating that i want to start a war with anybody but if they can't handle their business i excuse me while i hate on some fed-ex......
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    i get where you are coming from, those guys over at yellow/roadway are just like us (except they took that paycut recently and make less then us) but at the same time, you gotta do what you gotta do and if our company gets the edge on them, we shouldnt feel guilty about it because thats the way business works and we have families to feed also

    i actually came to overnite from roadway years ago...dont wana see anybody out of work
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    i don't think so, that we are cutting our brothers throat by taking their bus.