D Day and WWII Heroes

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    With the approach of Memorial Day and the anniversary of D Day comming up has anyone read "Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends" Two WWII Paratroopers from the Original Band of Brothers Tell Their Story or Shifty's War the story of Shifty Powers from the 101st Airborne ? I have recently read both books and they are great and I highly recommend them. The first book I mentioned is of special interest because the two soldiers are two Philly gentleman that are still around and also my pop was in the 11th Airborne in the Pacific. If you have watched the series "Band of Brothers" on HBO and liked it you will love these two books. The books both express how much the series was true to their stories.
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    The most amazing part to me, my father, and all his peers who servered never wanted recognition.

    They really never talked about it.

    My Father was in the Army Air Corp in WWII, and won the Bronze Star.

    I never knew until after he died.

    My Father's good friend, Marine in Iwo Jima, never did I hear of what he did, nor did he talk about it.

    Others in my neigborhood, I never heard a word from them on this subject.

    Yet come Flag Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, American flags flew all over the neighborhood.

    They all servered their local community.

    Local Volunteer Fireman, Vounteer Ambulance Drivers, and many other civic duties in our area.

    They always pulled together and served the community for no pay, or recognition.

    Bless this last great generation.