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    Does anyone know the procedure to withdraw from DRIVE? I simply can't support this anymore. In the latest newsletter the president of local 25 wrote some non-sense on why we as teamsters need to vote for Barack Obama. He went on and spoke of Mitt Romney threatening the existince of unions or something like that. Whatever, the union's political agenda is I can have no part of it.

    If you held a gun to my head I would not vote for Barack Obama. Any other canidate threatens the existence of unions? How about this? Barack Obama threatens the existence of our country and life as we know it. We are worse off than we were 4 years ago. Why would I vote for him? Bush looks like FDR next to this half-wit.

    The union continues to back the left-wing liberal idiots and I want no part of it. Does anyone know how I can get out of my DRIVE payroll deductions? The R in DRIVE stands for republican. When has the union ever indorsed a republican? They don't even think about their choices which makes me even more ill.

    I can think for myself and don't need anybody telling me how I should vote. Talk about an insult to one's intelligence!

    Please any info is great thanks,

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    I think you have to go to the Union hall in person and get the third degree for thinking for yourself.
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    Holy crap, great post!
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    Or can you call UPS, and say "stop deducting this from my paycheck"?
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    That didn't work for me, I had to go down in person to withdraw. I didn't see any sense in sending my money to people I usually vote against. Too many people are one item voters, they don't sit back and vote on who gets the big picture and will do whats best in the long run for everybody.
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    Yep I love the union and security wages and benefits they give me. That's as far as it goes though my personal life is just that stay out of it.
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    The Union survived 8 years of Bush so I think they'll be fine with Romney. Unions might be better off with Obama but that's not enough to make me want to vote for him.
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    Obviously, surviving, and thriving are as about as far as you can be from each other. You guys who vote for candidates who have a record of destroying jobs kill me, Obama perfect? Of course not. I'm a true blue democrat, and I don't like Obama, but I will NEVER vote for a Republican. A vote for a Republican is a vote for UPS management. I guess that's where your loyalty lies.
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    I'm not sure how Obama gets credit for all that its wrong in this country.
    How could anybody turn around 8 years of George W. Bush in 3 1/2 years?
    I want to be a republican, I just simply don't make enough money.
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    BS. Just as many rich Democrats as Republicans.
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    Obama said he could. We just want him to be a man of his word.

    Remember, cut the economy in half in my first term or else I'm a one term president? It's on tape and many times!!
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    Elections matter period. There are two parties. One fights for the wealthiest and one for the working persons. All labels like Liberal or Conservative are just that, labels. What was once considered liberal ideals are now conservative ideals, like representative democracy for instance. You have to take a lot of the bad for a small good sometimes and no one gets everything they want. So, the real question is; are you part of the top 1% of taxpayers or part of the 99%? Vote, contribute, accordingly.

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    The Teamsters actually endorsed Reagan or Bush 41 once. Hard to believe now.
  15. bumped

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    Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES

    Republican or Democrat. It doesn't matter as neither can ever live up to their promises.

    Obama has to have been put into one of the top 5 worst situations ever as a president.
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    I think you mean deficit in half in first term. My My are memories short. All of these "campaign" promises were made before the fruition of 8 (and some say 30 years) years of Republican mismanagement of the economy came home to roost.

    Obama came to office facing the greatest financial and economic disaster since the great depression. So why do we give F.D.R. 12 years and WW2 to turn it around yet give Obama 3 years to turn it around? Is it because a black man has to do 3x what a white man does to be equal?

    Ask's yourself this or imagine hypothetically what if; Bush had a 5 year term. What do you think the economy and our country would look like today had the 700K being laid off every month from late 2008-may 2009 had continued? People have very short memories and forget the crises this country was in in 2008-2009. Complain all you want but considering what could have been, Obama, dealing with a filibuster stonewalling loving congress, has done a great job.

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    I love this place I have never heard of drive untill now and I am glad that never have
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    People are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Which one are you?

    Until something changes money is politics. If you want politicians to vote for your interest as a working person then you need to support those entities and organizations that are making your voice heard on capitol hill. That's D.R.I.V.E.

    Give all that you can.

    Knowledge is everything...http://www.teamster.org/content/about-drive
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    When the boys from DRIVE come to my center I just walk right by them. Most of the guys do the same.
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    Short term and short sighted thinking never turns out well.

    Rule #1, nothing is free.

    Knowledge is everything...http://www.teamster.org/content/about-drive