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    Good morning All! And we're getting into another season of craziness and the rules go out the window! I need some of your expertise and advice please.
    Every morning there is a report posted of all the drivers' previous days work, planned day, out or under, etc. ( Obviously, I'm NOT a driver, but listening to my hubby.) The clerk 'in charge' has now decided they will not posted these numbers anymore and all the previous days have that info scratched out. When asked the reply was, 'you don't need other drivers days information, just mind your own load.' Huh? The assumption right now is this is not a management call, but a local one, and that they are protecting their favored drivers from having to take bigger days.
    Is this even allowed? Is this information a right, that cannot be censored on a whim? With the busy season here we're afraid this is setting up a screwing for certain drivers. Thanks for any insight you can share!
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    REALLY, hubby should not pay attention to any of these numbers, including his own. If management has some problem with his numbers, they will come to him.
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    Someone finally grieved the posting of confidential info.
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    Contractually, here they are required to post the hours but not all the other crap. I would consider it a favor if they had stopped posting the rest of the WOR. All your steward has to do is file an information request and he can get a copy of each days WOR. If they refuse he can file an NLRB charge. When I was in package I used to get my own copy hand delivered to me each day by the center manager. :happy-very: It made filing supervisors working & over 9.5 grievances very easy.
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    Thank you everyone for the insight! My fault for not being more clear on my and hubby's concerns. A few days a week, during sort when he has a big day and then some, he asks for help but the favored all say they can't help, they have a huge day, etc. Then, hubby comes in 2 hours later than most everyone. With Chiritsmas kicking in he was just hoping for some help this time. As always, he'll just do the best he can. Cheers all!
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    Ultimately when it boils down to it the one thing that matters is did the paycheck clear.