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  1. Abbey Road...

    Abbey Road... New Member

    They have here a feeders bid sheet,,,,
    30 positions.....
  2. Geo926

    Geo926 Active Member

    Thanks for sharing
  3. youllbefine

    youllbefine Active Member

    Ummmm oooook
  4. ArcherUTR

    ArcherUTR Active Member

    Things have been pretty crazy in the DFW over the past 2 years. If I had stayed in Feeders, I would be sitting pretty. Also there has been news posted on Brown Cafe about UPS getting off the rails.

    On the other hand I like having normal day hours and not being a fat :censored2:. Also your eyes rolling in the back of your head at the wheel is a pretty damn scary feeling.
  5. Abbey Road...

    Abbey Road... New Member

    A lot of feeders going to retirement now??
  6. ArcherUTR

    ArcherUTR Active Member

    No, more so I think a new McKinney Tx Center, UPS's preparation for peak season, and possibly UPS getting off of the railroads.

    But yes, also, the new contract and retirees.
  7. Abbey Road...

    Abbey Road... New Member

    Good news...
  8. SafeYARDdog

    SafeYARDdog Member

    1/ You need to be a full-time (combo or full time package car driver).
    2/ Your seniority and your luckiness.
    I met 2 new feeders last peak ( 6-12 months in Hub, less than 2 years TCD and full time). They are both under 25.
    Working on it and good luck.
  9. Abbey Road...

    Abbey Road... New Member

    TCDs are moving real fast to full time here at Dallas....
  10. retiredTxfeeder

    retiredTxfeeder cap'n crunch

    Isn't there 2 new buildings going up in the metroplex?
  11. Abbey Road...

    Abbey Road... New Member

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