Damn it people don't you get it...

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    I like Cynk ... The Young Turks. Channel 215 on DISH if you care to view.

    As all these type of people are, he is condescending and in his mind, always right. Still a good balance to the MSM controlled by Corporations and locked into the Democrats versus the Republicans.
  2. I like Cynk but he looses sight on what all this corruption is coming from. He tries to push on the banks, corporations when it's coming from the biggest bank the (private) federal reserve and the group who is behind it.
    I believe Al Gore is the one who funds the show...
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    Don't stop there bro, keep goin!
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    Whoa, what are you, part of the 1% with DISH ???
  5. I didn't wanted to believe in conspiracy theories, but the current events, alert, war on terror, ndaa, sopa(the only place is not controlled is the internet), a false flag plot that was foiled in DC, pushing the war on Iran. Listening JFK speech and other presidents warning. Too many things come into place too fast, the life of the dollar is coming to an end soon so they have to pull stuff faster together...
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    AL GORE owns the channel.