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    This is my first post so please bare with me. I worked for UPS from march of 1974 to March of 1984, Local 804 and was Shop Stewart for my last 3 uears, in Elmsford N.Y. Plant.As some of you older guys may possibly know, in 1984 UPS bouight out many of the vested workers, 10 years or more, to make room for other teamster members from other closing plants. I took the buyout in March of 1984. At that time I was informed that at age 55 I would be eligable for partial retirement funds, since I paid in for 10 years Can anyone direct me to the right people to talk about this. I just turned 54 and would like to get this matter in order asap. thank you so much for any help you can give me. , Dan O'
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    Contact the local Teamsters Union where you worked to get eligibility and start the process.
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