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    In our center we have this constant problem with pas data flipping. this is an example.

    Address on package. 4502 5th Street A

    Address on pal. 4502 5th Street C

    but sometimes if u go into "details" on the diad, it will show a "A" where a apt # should be.

    there is a 5th Street A,B & C. it flips to the wrong one almost 100% of the time.

    we have numerous address like this in our center. is there anyway to fix this.
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    Yes. Go out of your way to deliver the pkg to the correct address each time. If you try to get this fixed, you'll have retired by the time they get to your problem. Better to give a customer good service, than to go crazy trying to talk sense to a supervisor.
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    This issue can be corrected in AMS. This is a program for these type of problems. We have a 95% or better hit rate daily on addresses because we have spent alot of time getting the data in. Your PDS/PTPDS or data management supervisor can correct this (this person usually works 10pm-2am, find out the persons name and get the correct information to them, they love it when you give them the incorrect PAL on a blank piece of paper and write the correct address down.) They just have to do it. Badger them everyday, don't forget to use this line(don't you get tired of seeing the same misload called in everyday because you will not fix a simple address)
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    you must be one of the few who actually know how to do your job. the guy in my center will not fix any problems and don't know how. every day east is west and ect.ect.ect. this guy just tells us that he don't have time to fix them and that he has tried everything to fix them... I just deliver to where it goes and they wonder why my miles are up.......1800 east isn't close to 1800 west but hey i've got all day.....
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    That's funny. I guess you have to use the "right" words or badger someone, to get things done. This is almost like that episode of Seinfeld with the Soup Nazi. If you don't tip toe in and give them the perfect words, in the perfect order, you're out of luck.

    Do yourself a favor and write them a note. If they pay no heed to that note, forget about it, it just isn't that important to them. I live by this plan now, as I've begged and pleaded before to no avail.

    And there you have it!
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    Don't give up. There are actually people who care about doing the job right.
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    That's one real f-in' annoying avatar, dragon.
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    Not often I do but I got to agree on this one!
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    Is that BalckHawkDown? Yeah annoying
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    Oh well, guess we will just have to live with it. It is what it is.......
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    Hooray,,,,, the tool bag that did this job in my center just quit because he couldn't get promoted...............the good thing is now when I have a complaint about something I won't have someone tell me that it is gonna get