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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by burco8080, Jan 24, 2015.

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    Hope you all take time to view, (upsers.com) I really like this CEO hope he can stand the bs that going to come from wall street. Stocks go up and down but a good man is hard to find.
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    What she actually said was, a hard man is good to find.
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    For whatever reason I can't play any videos on UPSers. It says videos are not supported in this browser. No idea what that means
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    A browser is the way that you go online; for example, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are two of the more popular web browsers.
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    I'm afraid he will be kicked out fairly soon. All for doing the right thing.
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    You probably need a plug in to view videos. You might need to install flash.
  8. ManInBrown

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    Was able to watch on Google Chrome. Thx
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    Not under the right circumstances.
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    Remember slash
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    He is a good man.
    I was encouraged by his words.
    And as for Wall Street and all naysayers....we are UPS.
    We lead; we do not follow.
    We will provide the best damn service in the industry.
    Deal with it.
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  16. Brown Now

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    I can't ever watch any videos on my iPhone iPad or PC. Always says not supported. I've given up.
  17. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    It's cause of flash
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    Based on suggestions and opinions on this thread, I actually watched the video on Upsers and Abney seems like the typical CEO clown. I've taken a snippet of his exact words from the video, copied and pasted from the transcript. While he spews whatever corporate bureaucratic garbage he chooses to make the shareholders happy, I think that is all he is doing, no more, no less. He is simply trying to justify his position as CEO and secure his job. Sure, he has that right no one wants to loose his or her job. But I don't think he cares beyond that. It's simply an good form of P.R.

    From these 3 points what he really means is: 1. We need to keep squeezing more work out of less people. 2. We need our management team to push you more and force more crazy UPS policies and procedures on you (ORION etc). 3. We pretend to listen to employee feedback but really everything is dictated from the upper levels of management down and we really don't care what you think just work as instructed.

    Abney states:"Looking at 2015, we expect solid growth in all areas of our business. And we will be positioned to capitalize on these opportunities. I have three areas of focus that will set us on the path to achieve our objectives for growth, service, and profitability. First we must work together to foster a growth culture. UPS is great at identifying risk. We’re great at executing plans. We must become great at making decisions that drive growth – decisions that attract new customers and improve capacity and efficiency throughout our network. Second is to evaluate every area of our business for ways to become more customer-centric. Innovative technology and fresh ideas from UPSers around the world can help us smooth customer pain points, break down our own barriers and silos, and become “One UPS” in the eyes of customers. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 40 years, it’s that the best ideas come from our people and our customers. This constant evaluation will lead to expanding operations and customer technology initiatives like ORION, My Choice, and Access Points – helping us reduce cost while delivering value to customers in the B2C market. The third area of focus is our people. You and your team – your partners, your coworkers and colleagues – are the sum of what makes UPS great. UPS people are the key to our success in the future."
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    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss

    Won't Get Fooled Again...The Who

    Best concert ever. 1978 Keith Moon rocks!
  20. silenze

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    Yeah when have they ever listened to the employees. look at the yearly employee survey. What a joke.