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  1. Route 66

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    I can't stand Davis Vision. Another fine benefit courtesy of Fraud Weasel Smith.

    Every experience I have with these jokers seems to be worse than the previous. Ordered new glasses and took an entire month to get them back from DV - and then one of the lenses was made incorrectly, so back to the lab they went.

    More than 5 weeks and several unreturned phone calls later I finally get them back. So all told it took more than two months to get a lousy pair of glasses - this is unacceptable, and yet so keeping in line with the never-ending cascade of :censored2: sandwiches we receive from FedEx in the name of "benefits".

    Go out and do a search on Davis Vision and you'll see that my experience is in no way an anomaly, but more like "bizniss as usual". It's no surprise that this is the plan chosen for us by FedEx.

    I'm dropping our vision care "benefit" and will just be taking care of my future optometric needs entirely out of my own pocket and deal with a competent and reputable outfit.

    Hey Fred!, how would you rate YOUR experience with Davis Vision?........What's that ya say?.....you would never trust anything as important as your vision with such a crappy outfit?......I'm sure
  2. MrFedEx

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    A good indication of the quality of Davis Vision is the huge number of providers who refuse to accept the plan. The one provider I could find (15 miles away) said that the only reason he dealt with them is that his practice was new and he needed the patients. As soon as he was established, no more dealings with Davis.

    I'm sure Fred, Dave, Matt, and our pilots all have Davis Vision too.
  3. Fred's Myth

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    My provider told me that Davis was a pain in the a** to deal with, but that our co-pays were the LOWEST of any of the insurance companies that they deal with. My major complaint is the minimalist selection of frames we have to choose from.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My daughter calls their frame selection the "welfare rack".

    We also have Davis Vision and I have never had an issue with them. Our benefit package provides us with an exam, lenses and frames from a very limited selection or $120 toward the frames of your choice. I have two pairs of glasses and will update the lenses in my primary pair as needed and will do the second pair if my script has changed dramatically. My provider gives me 25% on the 2nd pair.
  5. Route 66

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    sounds like the same thing as we have...I always take the $120 and apply it towards some decent frames and leave the Welfare Rack alone too.
    One other thing I learned is that Davis does a horrible job with rimless frames. They always manage to crack the lenses....
  6. hypo hanna

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    This is why I laughed out loud at that silly poster o n the BB telling us we are scoring the SFA wrong on being paid fairly. We were not seeing every joke of a benefit as part of the compensation.
    If I have to fight with some outside vendor for hours, days or months to get these benefits, it kind of eats into its value for me. One time I had a huge problem with Cigna and after two weeks of getting the runaround, i called fedex to ask for their assistance. Absolutely no help at all. They seemed :censored2: that I would bother them about it. That's not the only time I went to fedex benefits dept and WS met with a brick wall.
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  7. MassWineGuy

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    OK. Sounds like I better upgrade to good frames and forget rimless.
  8. idas roses

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    wow thought I was the only one who hated davis vision and yes my lens was cracked and eye doctor sent them back immediately didn't even get to wear them