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    Hello all,

    Just a quick question, They had a full time driver sign up sheet for the drivers to sign that wanted to work the day after. However, the air drivers are all required to work first, then whats left the full time drivers get. We do not have full time air drivers. So, my question is, how can a pt time air driver get first choice for work over a full time driver. I am under the central states contract if this helps.

    On a side note, they are telling the pt time air drivers that they are not working for time and a half pay.

    Sounds more than a little wrong,

    thanks for the help in advance.
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    I believe air drivers have seniority for weekends and holidays, you get the other 5 days of the week. Give em a break.
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    What is the guarentee for a full time combo air driver for the day after thanksgiving?
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    It's a holiday. We only deliver air packages on black friday. Don't the air drivers work first on saturdays when we only deliver airpackages? If your center doesn't have enough air drivers (we have 4) full time drivers are asked ifthey want to work by seniority. 28.54x2=57.08 per hour plus holiday pay for full time drivers on friday. Of course the part time guys all have to work. I don't think they get any more than usual.
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    The way it works here is all work is forced from the bottom up. So it's PT, then 22.3's, then FT. We have about 8 drivers that are being forced. As far as hrs you are guaranteed 8 but you have to work the 8 to get it. If you don't want to work the 8 you get paid the hrs worked.
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    Here we use all part-time drivers (air drivers) first then full-time drivers fill the remaining positions by seniority. We have high seniority full-timers that are doing pretty well financially that filled the full-time spots. They have wives that have good jobs and job security so they don't have to worry about layoffs after peak. Then there are others that really need that double time but can't work. I'm all for seniority but some of these guys just don't need to be working friday. Have a heart and let some of the lower paid full-timers that will probably get laid off in January have a piece of that double time.

    For me....I wanted to work but I'm glad I was bumped off the list. There are a couple of part-time cover drivers that haven't been able to drive this peak that are able to work friday.
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    b_a_u, That is funny. Our senior drivers.........wouldn't come in on a holiday even with 10 really large men hog tying them and dragging them in. Senior drivers volunteer if they want to, but few do.
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    I believe the contract mandates that air drivers are to be used first.

    Then if more people are needed, FT'ers can be used in seniority order. Most choose not to work, but some do and are allowed to work.

    If still more people are needed, the company can force FT'ers from the bottom up to work.
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    b_a_u it is the same here too. I prefer to have the day off, but there are a couple guys that just started driving and had to quit their old full time job so could really use the extra money right now, but with the senior drivers it's all about them and they prove it on a daily basis. Just one more reason that ih8tbrn.
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    The Friday after Thanksgiving is a normal payrate for all air drivers.
    This has been in the contract for several years { and until its changed I will always vote no }.
    So airdrivers get holiday & regular rate & are required to work.
    Anyone else who gets forced to work gets ot.
  12. Monkey Butt

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    Don't they still get Holiday pay in addition to the pay for hours actually worked?

    I remember when Day after thanksgiving was a normal work day. I always asked for it off and never got paid anything.
  13. Baba gounj

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    Sorry my bad, I assumed everyone already understood that.
  14. Monkey Butt

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    I'm in Corporate should assume I don't understand anything. :funny:

    And I'm from the South so make sure you type slowly so I can understand.:drool:
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    But you're different. Hoax. You have an actual connection to the REAL WORLD!!! (BrownCafe)
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    I volunteer to work it every year. I usually get 9 hours at double pay in addition to the pay for the day off. I always run the 2 towns by my house, get done delivering about 30 packages by 2 in the afternoon. Then I wait until 4 to pick up the letter boxes on the way in. I use the money to pay for a season golf pass every year at the local course.

    The EASIEST money I have ever made in the 23 years I have worked here. I "don't need the money" but you never know when your situation may change and you do need the money.
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    Something I bring up every year and I guess I will bring it up again this year: I understand the Air language (Article 40 National Agreement) where it says that Part time air drivers are forced to work before offering to full package drivers. But what I have never understood is how a preloader or reloader that delivers air only on saturdays all of a sudden is considered a air driver and is forced to deliver air on a friday? I always thought that a Air driver was someone that delivers/pickup air on a daily basis.
    1) In our building we have 5 part timers that either deliver air or pick up air on a daily basis with a scheduled start time every day. (I understand contractualy why they would have to work on a holiday.)
    2)We also have a couple of part timers that are preloaders and occasionaly deliver air after the sort during the week (Air Exception drivers).
    3) And finally we have preloaders and reloaders that either have other jobs or school during the week and therefore are only Saturday Air Drivers but on Holidays they get forced to work I don't think this is right but does anyone else agree??? Article 4o Section I:defines a air driver as an Employee who on a scheduled basis, perform (1) only air driving work, or (2) air driving work in combination with other bargaining unit work.

    A for me I am a package car driver and I will take double time plus holiday anytime I can get it!!!!:happy2:
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    ... the following Sections shall supersede language on the same subjects in the Supplements, Riders and Addenda...

    Section 1. Air Drivers
    (a) Air driver work shall consist of delivery and pickup of air packages which,
    because of time and customer commitments, cannot be reasonably performed
    by regular package drivers. Such work may include:

    ...(3) Delivery and pickup of air packages on weekends and holidays.

    d) Air Driver Guarantee and Overtime
    (2) Less than eight (8) hour air drivers (part-time air drivers) who have a
    regular scheduled start time shall have a three (3) hour daily guarantee.
    They shall receive overtime pay for hours worked in excess of eight (8) hours
    in a twenty-four (24) hour period or in excess of forty (40) hours per week.

    (3) Any less than eight (8) hour combination air driver (part-time combination
    air drivers) who works their three (3) hour guarantee shall be guaranteed
    four (4) hours. They shall be paid overtime for work in excess of eight (8)
    hours in a twenty-four (24) hour period or in excess of forty (40) hours per

    (j) Holiday Work

    When it is necessary to provide air service on holidays, the following
    procedure shall be used:

    (1) The Employer shall offer this work in seniority order to full-time air
    drivers who have worked at least one (1) day that week before offering it to
    part-time air drivers.

    (2) When the scheduling needs cannot be met using the above provision, the
    Employer shall have the right to force part-time air drivers and then full-time
    air drivers to work starting in reverse order of seniority. If after
    exhausting the above steps scheduling needs are still not met, the Employer
    shall offer the work in seniority order within the package driver
    classification. If more drivers are still needed the reverse seniority order
    concept will be used for package drivers. Package car drivers who work on a
    holiday may make a written request for an eight (8) hour guarantee. Such
    written request shall be made the last work day prior to the holiday. All time
    worked by these drivers on a holiday will be paid at the Supplemental holiday rate.


    (4) Air drivers and support employees scheduled on a holiday to ensure air
    service to the customer, including time performing incidental work, shall
    receive straight-time for all hours worked up to eight (8) hours in addition to
    the holiday pay. Overtime provisions shall apply if the employee works over
    eight (8) hours.
  19. Monkey Butt

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    Is the Friday after Thanksgiving a Holiday in your local or do you not get paid for it if you don't work?
    Do you get paid straight time if you work?
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    You bring up a good point. There are PTers who do air sometimes or on Saturdays. And during the week they may not even work the AM shift. They probably can get out of it, like if they have another job or something, especially if they have enough senority. I remember in past they asked me, and I said no and they were ok with it.