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    I've been offered a job on the day shift instead of working the pre-load shift. I am thinking that this would be a lot easier then having to get up and work in the middle of the night. Can anyone tell me more about the job the Day Sort entails. I am really interested in doing the Day position which is from 12-4pm.

    I am still clueless as to what the 12-4pm and 5-10pm shifts do for UPS. I know the pre-load loads trucks for UPS. I am wondering what the 12-4pm and 5-10pm shifts do for work.
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    The Day Sort's purpose in the overall operation varies. In some buildings, its there to process volume for the region. I say this because some--not sure about all--run ONE weekend day. I know this is the case here in Colorado. Not sure where you are, so I can't speak to the purpose in your case. Also, in the case of the Day Sort here, its active to relieve the stress on the Midnight and Twilight Sorts. Despite this, the Twilight and Midnight Sorts are SMASHED by volume.

    Both Noonday and Twilight process--unload, sort, sort to boxlines (local delivery) and load for transit (regional AND cross-country) loads. How broken up it is depends on your distance from a given city/region. For example, in my hub the northern Midwest--Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana--were loaded on one truck. This may not be the case on every sort Twilight Sort. On this hub's Twilight Sort, Illinois may be one truck. These descriptions are confusing until you see how the operation is set up. By the way, I'm now an ex-UPS'er, so you probably want to give less credence to my statements. -Rocky
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    Day, Twilight and Night sorts all do basically the same thing, only the sources and destinations vary. Unload trailers, sort the packages, load them into different trailers.