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    Hello Everyone, I'm new here and have been working for UPS since 2006.

    Question for any of you:

    Has anyone on here been trained at the new Training School in the DC area? I'm curious to see what all they make you do down there. Hopefully a position would come open in the next year and I know this is where my center sends drivers to get trained at. I tried searching around for details on it on the internet but I have not found anything on it.
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    its called Integrad i believe. It not too difficult, just do what they say. learning to use the diad is probably the toughest part.
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    A on-car from my building is an instructor up there. Loves it.
  5. dcdriver

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    Thet took a large parking lot and turned it into a small city with lots of doll houses, intersections, drop boxes, and small loading docks to backup to. It is kind of funny to watch.
  6. dcdriver

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    Forgot to add you stay in a hotel for the week, so live and breath brown.
  7. backinbrown

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    When i went it was two week school went home weekends stayed in hotel during week.
  8. old brown shoe

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    Herd they were moving it to Gitmo after it cloeses. Already set up for training and no need for a motel.
  9. backinbrown

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    changed minds can't use torture to drill 340 methods in you
  10. rod

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    the naked pyramid training should be a hoot:happy2:
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    Thanks everyone, I have a little knowledge with the DIAD as I helped during peak. The diad was a little difficult at first but as time went on It got easier. Is there somewhere on here or somewhere else that has pictures of the training school?