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    I've mentioned it before, but Fred has really accelerated the pace of de-contenting at the Express opco. De-contenting is usually used in the manufacturing-type industries, and it is basically a cheapening of the product by substituting lower-quality materials or processes and then attempting to market the product at the same price as before, supposedly to boost profits, which it does, but only until consumers discover they've been conned.

    GM did this to it's vehicles in the late 70's and through the mid 80's...with disastrous results. GM already had a shaky reputation, and when they started de-contenting their vehicles, their reputation sunk like a stone. Remember some of the tricks? Lighter-gauge sheet metal, elimination of steps in the painting process, particle board interior panels and many other steps that created really crappy cars. Plus, they assembled them with terrible quality control, with poorly-fitting body panels, drippy paint jobs, and mis-matched interior panels. Finally, GM figured it out and started building better products. But there are a lot of people who were burned who will never buy GM expensive lesson.

    I see many parallels at FedEx. As they gut the quality out the company as quickly as they can, they are also cutting costs. But at what expense long-term? We insiders know that FedEx is a joke these days when it comes to providing superior service, but the public doesn't...not yet at least. I see the day coming where FedEx "pulls a GM", and then spends the next 20 years trying to rebuild a decent reputation.
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    I think we passed the point of no return on this one.

    We have lost much talent and the new crop of employees look like they just got out of Rikers(or the Ground terminal down the road).
    This leaves no possibility of future ethics in the management pool.

    Its just the downhillEXPRESS ​from here on out!!
    Enjoy the ride...................
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    The writing has been on the wall for years at Express and only hastened my exit from that particular opco.

    Highlighted in red reminds me of the first collegiate ethics course I had to take. My professor succinctly stated on the first day of class that "when ethics have to be taught, we've already lost." Yeah, he was one of the good guys.
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    The quality of employee between UPS and Express is something that has amazed me. The whole package. I'm talking intelligence, professionalism. Speaking about package car drivers at UPS. Now don't get me wrong. There were some quality employees I worked with at Express. But there were also some real duds who I wondered sometimes how they made it thru the day. Really a different class of worker at UPS. I can only imagine what Express will turn into in the next few years. The devil (Fred) will not be able to attract competent people to work for his company anymore. Will most likely be a bunch of retirees or a bunch of FedEx ground looking miscreants working at Express. Covering up tattoos and providing little in the way of personal customer service on road. Which will be great for us at UPS. As customers look for other shipping options. Where else could they head to but Brown. I just handed in 10 sales leads this past week at UPS. All the biggest shippers we had at the Express building I worked out of:happy-very: FU Fred
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    but, but, but the unions were suppose to make workers lazy and apathetic.

    Isnt that what corporate talking heads and their lackeys in congress tell us?
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    Yeah. We were told the union leaders are a bunch of thugs and only take your union dues and do nothing for you as an employee. Someone's lying....:speechless:
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    Yes, and union dues are $600 per week and their thugs shake you down in the parking lot for your lunch money.
  8. Route 66

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    ​....and call your mother a ho!
  9. Cactus

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    If FedEx was an automobile manufacturing plant, Fred would have cars being built more shoddy than a Yugo. Then the PR department would still try to convince the public that their cars are still Ferrari quality.
  10. Gumby

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    Freds fat butt.....sorry I mean fat butt..........wont fit into a Yugo!!Where does he put his fat wallet.???
  11. vantexan

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    I suspect they are counting on military retirees to fill the void.
  12. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    A rookie courier (former Army Ranger) at my station filled out an application online and got a call from a manager the NEXT DAY for an interview. I've never heard of FedEx moving so fast.
  13. MrFedEx

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    My guess is that someone who is ex-military will see through the crap just as quickly as anyone else.
  14. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    Lol. He's already seen the light. Just in it for the money until something better comes along. He's only worked for FedEx for three months.
    I forgot to mention that he was hired as a full-time cover driver.
  15. MrFedEx

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    That will open his eyes pretty quickly.
  16. vantexan

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    If they were in long enough to get a pension then, for many of them, a 35 hr week would work out well.