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    Anyone ever have a horrible center manger that really wants to fire everyone. If so, what were your experiences and how did you handle the situation. Finally, where is this person today?
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    My center manager got transferrd to california, real piece of work! Complaints to the 800 number had alot to do with it, but we all gave our names which validated the complaints! If someone gets fired for bs stand tall and dont buckle by excepting a suspension or time served, make sure you get every penny of missed time for that period you were fired. Once a couple of us made that stand the bs firings stopped because it added up to some nice back pay checks!
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    Most of my Center Managers have been all right. But I had one that everyone, including other management, hated with a passion. He was a okay when he was an OnCar Sup, but got worse and worse as he climbed the ladder. When he ran Preload, he fired 95% of them. He would give out Warning Letters for every minute reason. He is the only Center Manager I have filed a grievance on. Where is he now? Promoted, of course.
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    "Yes Boss" them to death and "I do my best"...they hate that,but it got them off my case. Best advise is don't start a riff and CYA.
    I used to say sensible stuff like "bulk","traffic","heavy pick-ups","severe weather"...but they didn't want to hear it. So I stopped making excuses and told them what they want to hear.

    BTW Scratch
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    What would happen if you called OSHA on them for unsafe working conditions :confused:1
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    Call OSHA if you have too much work, 800 number works too! This is a real saftey hazard! Overwork is a Occupational Hazard!!!!!! They need to know.................
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    I love your post Red!!!!!!!!
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    Back in the 80's, we had a center manager who loved to fire drivers. We called him the Terminator. He is currently still a center manager, but is at a very remote center in texas.
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    Years ago we had a real bully of a center manager. He once chewed me out for turning the conveyor off to remove 120 pound roll of fabric. I filed grievance, the only one I've ever filed, and he was supposed to train me on how to remove such a load from a conveyor moving away from me.

    He has now gone a step up the ladder and is our districe (?) manager. He still owes me that training.

    Our current center manager is a gentle, thoughtful man who probably has some pretty sharp teeth when necessary but I've never heard one word of compaint against him. whew! dw
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    "and how did you handle the situation."

    You're Teamsters! Teach him a lesson after work sometime! Bats and clubs work good. Iron knuckles too.

    (wear hoods....)
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    I thought you couldnt be truley fired unless you stole, fought, nc/ns.
  13. they can, you just normally don't stay almost always get your job back and paid for all the days, if any, that you were "fired".

    The most common problem here is attendance, and i is hard to fire people for. They try to get on people for calling in on mondays or fridays but in reality so long as they DO call in (and don't just not show up) its very hard to get fired for that. Especially when you're given sick days (well in the northeast anyway) in which you still get paid for such occurrences.
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    While that is true for the most part, You can be harassed into quitting. I have seen a few people leave because of that. After just so much BS, the job just isn't worth it at some point. The center manager I was referring to had an OMS quit too, she got tired of putting up with him just for a few hours everyday. Too bad he didn't announce his transfer to anyone, we would have had the biggest party of all time. Its always been interesting to me that management changes at the Center level are kept secret from the hourlies until they happen.
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    UPS cant afford to fire people :w00t:
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    Hey Red,
    What part of California did the center manager go to? We ended up with your district manager a couple of years ago. I don't recall any transfers from Chicago so I am curious.
  17. 705red

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    I am referring to a real big black guy, that thinks hes gods gift to ups, but he isnt talented enough to run the drive thru at the local mcdonalds!!! I heard he went to san fran, we actually offered to pack his bags for him, but after 20plus of us called into corporate he really hated us, and it would eat him alive. Every morning i would just walk up to him and say morning (his name) with a real big smile on my face. He was the worst manager i have ever had at this company, now hes californias problem.
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    San Francisco and Oakland are extremely tough union I am sure he is feeling it. It would be interesting to hear how he is doing don't you think!!

    I am also curious, what you think of your district mgr that left approx 2 years ago for one of the districts in Southern California. He is a very small man but unmistakeable. Do you know who I am talking about?
  19. 705red

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    I will pm you!
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    I believe that there is a scripture in the new testament it reads something like "Our war is not against flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers in high places". It is not the Center Manager who has issues they are just "Following Orders". The faces may change but most of them are products of an abusive system, they manage like they were managed. Fear and intimidation is a common practice with any unsecure leadership, it is an easy fix and does not require any creative thought to accomplish a goal. Most of us who have been here for a while learn adaptive skills when confronted. It is a matter of if you want to play in the sickness or laugh at it. "Choose Wisely":thumbup1: