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  1. AMPNG88

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    I was just wondering something, everyday after I am done unloading the trailers at work and everyone is going home, I always get asked by a particular sup to go and help with damaged packages, can I tell him no or do I have to listen to him?
  2. toeknee2gx

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    work as directed :)
  3. bellesotico

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    Work as directed and get the time..better you than them. :)
  4. scratch

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    You might make the suggestion to him before everybody else goes home to ask one of them to help wrap up. There is always someone else that will appreciate the chance to make more money. Just say that you have somewhere else you need to be.
  5. oakcreekteamie

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    This brings a question to me: can you get overtime as a p/t hourly?
  6. deathracer

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    yeah i still get asked to do wrap up work/re-tape boxes. its annoying but at least you get some extra time when you do this, i would always get asked to do this and i would cause i used to get 25 hours a week sometimes more from september till january. one time i stayed for almost six hours cause they were so many re-tapes left and they had sent everyone home too soon(new supervisor kept asking ppl to help not directing them).
  7. Brown_Noser

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    Anytime partimer working over 5 hours a day is paid at time-and-a-half for the overtime . :greedy:
  8. WhatPCM

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    Im pretty sure under the new contract its anything over 5 and a half.
  9. oakcreekteamie

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    Oh, ok that would explain why my supe's face was smiling when i punched out @ 4:58 hrs....
  10. iowa boy

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    In our supplement, its still anything over 5 hours is overtime
  11. tyugar

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    If management sends someone with less seniority home before you and you want to go home, talk to a union steward. Highest seniority workers have the option of going home first.
  12. drewed

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    in a center yes, in air ops no
  13. freeloader

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    In my experiences as a part timer way back when, anything over 5 hours was OT. But if I went over 8 hours then the first 8 hours went back to straight time and the time over 8 was OT. I thought it was odd, but I accepted it.
  14. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    and you could ask to be done by seniority, whoevers on the bottom of the totem pole gets to stay, or go if someone higher up wants to stay
  15. Grumpy Steward

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    If the shift is over, this is extra work and should be offered in seniority order. If no one wants it, the lowest seniority person has to do it. If you are told you have to stay(and aren't the lowest person on your shift),get a steward. If no steward is around, don't refuse the work. Make sure you get your steward involved before your next shift.
  16. ORLY!?!

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    Funny, at my HUB they always make the lowest do it. Yet, they always seem to favor me for some reason. Always making me do eregs, instead of the new guy or person with less in their cages. Come to think of it, the new guy has probably done eregs only once. While I've done it so many times I've lost count.

    Guess im loved, LOL!
  17. Fnix

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    Because you are probably better at it.
  18. HR Grunt

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    My first time at this sight...really nice to know there is a place for all upsers to vent. UPS is a great job but it's not for everyone. Even better job if you have somewhere to go to with questions without fear of payback. Great responses from all you upsers out there. As a person who deals with selling the job to recruits, it is good to know the majority of our people, whether they admit it on the job or not, appreciate and even value their work.

    In response to one of the comments about extra work when "your part" of the job is done...Seniority gives you the right to work, not the right not to work. Each local may have a practice in place which serves as the norm for that center. Most supervisors ask from the top down (senioroity wise) who would like to stick around and help wrap up. If a higher senior person is already at or near 5 hrs, a lesser senior person can be asked to stay as long as they will not get overtime or excede the paid time of a senior worker unless that senior worker was unable to or denied opportunity to complete additional work. The reverse is true as well. If no one wants to stay, management can force a person who has been specifically assigned to or trained for the work, or for general jobs, force from bottom seniority. At hire, employees should be informed that the shift is 3.5 - 5 hours in duration but you will have to be available until the work is done.

    If you have your 3.5 in and would rather not have the extra hours, let your sup know in a non-confrontational manner. If you are repeatedly the only one required to stay after everyone else is gone and you are not the least senior person, talk to your managment people AND you union steward at the same time in order to assure correct and complete information on the topic at hand.
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  20. chester farmer

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    wow 3 hour shifts that would be awesome. This week we have 4 oclock start times everyday for the twi shift. We will not get out much before 10 ever. So we are pulling 6 hour shifts. No wonder people get worn out with this "part time" job. For me my decision on who stays to do the overgoods and tidy up is a combination of pph and arrival time. Some of the guys car pool together so I try to work that in as well. All the senior guys are full timers and go to lunch so I am left with 8 guys that are pretty even seniority wise. Most of them have figured out if you are late and dont work hard you will stay and work and extra 10 minutes after everyone leaves.