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  1. I would first like to say that for the response I gave you I am sorry, however as I have stated before I do think that some of what you say is CORRECT! However I as a manager with FDXG I have had enough of the crap that Fedexg had dished out so I left, however I still have a pension so hope that they perform. I only Bitched Up the ladder and it was enough to make sure My preload didn't work @ 8 pm on a Sunday to keep my people, and keep my weekend. I also told a select few below me the truth about the company and the way I saw it going, however you don't seem to help anyone out just you just spread your unhappiness with your situation, I really wish that you started and succeeded in your web site however you did not and came back to the same ol same ol. So I am sorry for smearing your butt over the sight and making myself look like a fool, however I have a pension and honestly think it is time for you to either :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: or get off the pot!
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    Here's why I didn't start a site. One, I don't have the extra time because I have to supplement my meager FedEx income with other activities. Two, the union battle has been lost, so I really didn't see much of a point in continuing to pursue it. Until the IBT wakes up from it's coma, there will be no real progress at Express in terms of organizing. Third, I didn't want to be hounded by FedEx Legal and potentially be spending time in court with them

    I returned to BC just to keep my voice in the debate. My "quest", if I can call it that, is to get the truth out about the way FedEx really operates, and to wake people up to the facts, not Fred's fiction. I really don't care about the haters and I just accepted your friend request, so I'm not holding any grudges.
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    Keep up the good work and glad you are back!