Decision Points: George W. Bush

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    Has anyone read it? I'm 9/10's of the way through it and really liked it. I understand many people hate our 43rd president and that he was very unpopular for most of his 2nd term. However, after reading his autobiography I have great respect for him.

    People say he's stupid. These people are ignorant because he's a exceptionally smart man.

    I'm not going to go on a rant about "W" but I did want to mention a couple of things. Were you not relieved that Bush was president on 9/11 and not Al Gore?

    Yes, there were no weapons of mass destruction (every intelligence report that crossed his desk said otherwise) in Iraq, but did there really need to be? The Iraq war rid the world of a ruthless dictator that supported terrorism against the USA, that threatened its neighbors in the middle east, and who gassed hundreds of thousands of his own people. The world is a much better and safer place because of the war. There is now a free, democratic Iraq where before there was millions of Iraqis living in constant fear of this animal...
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    I liked the book and I gained great insight to the man, the son, the father and President named GW Bush. I would have the man over for a BBQ.

    Thank you for starting thread.
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    I've been thinking the same thing. I would love to have him over for a BBQ. This man really loves America. Love him or hate him (I love him), every thing he did during his presidency was to make this country and our world a better place. I can't dislike a man like that. Was he always right? No. But who is?

    Another interesting thing I learned was Saddam would have become a wash in wealth when oil went from $35 a barrell in 2002 to $130 in 2008. Money that would have been used to sponsor terrorism or develop nuclear weapons. How safe would Israel feel if Saddam had a nuclear missle?
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    Great book. One thing I never knew was how much he and Laura have done in Africa fighting AIDS. More than anyone.
    ​And the reason nobody knows is because they don't brag about it, they just get it done.
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    I've always loved W, he was, IMO, the perfect man for the job in a post-9/11 world.

    He was not at all popular upon leaving office (few are, can't wait to see Barry's approval rating when we are finally rid of him), but I'm inclined to believe that W will ultimately be remembered as a great president; but it won't be until long after he's dead - kind of like Lincoln.
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    I also enjoyed the book. I learned more about the personal struggles he went through in dealing with Katrina, his proposal to privatize Social Security and the role his parents, especially his mother, played in him becoming the man he is today.

    I would also enjoy having him over for a BBQ.
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    I'm going to suggest that the OP wanted to talk about the book....
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    Hmmm I see that that the government, political correctness, has infected all here also.

    Time to consider leaving. Thanks Cheryl for this site and my allowed leeway.

    I guess PRISM rules.

    I DO not want a please do not go. Time to stop posting.

    Thanks again Texan.
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    Over, that was chapter that impressed me the most too (this and No Child Left Behind law). I never remembering hearing about the millions of African lives he was responsible for saving when he was in office (CNN and MSNBC totally ignored it, I'm sure). That's why I have to ask how can people hate this man so much? He's even been compared to Adolf Hitler. You loose all credibilty in my eyes when you say that ridiculous statement. I would go as far to say its disrespectful to the 50 million people that died in WWII.
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    You have to love Barbara Bush, especially her sense of humor. I heard she loved "Naked Gun 2 1/2"
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    Don't forget the now annual mountain bike event.